Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Hunt for Kohinoor – Hunt for Accomplishing Familial and National Safety

Here’s a spine chilling thriller, second in the series, featuring Mehrunisa Khosa. Welcome to the breathless tale of ancient secrets laced into the modern terrorism. One just cannot keep the book down once he/she starts reading it. Here is a piece of fiction on terrorism and Jihad interwoven with leaving one in awe and giving the creeps. But the  ending restores one’s infinite faith on humanity.
The story is about Mehrunisa ‘s hunt for the secret documents  called Kohinoor,  which would convey the details about the impending attack of the Jihadis on an important place in India . Mehrunisa is assigned this job to redeem her long lost father Harinder Singh Khosa (Harry) and save the Nation. The Pakistani President is about to hand over the secret to the Indian counterpart, when he is killed by a suicide bomber. Mehrunissa’s father who ia an ace agent of the RAW gets injured in this blast, but regains his memory, which he had lost in an earlier combat. He continues to serve the RAW and the RAW also uses his genius but his family is not told of his amnesia and the mother and daughter are told that he is lost in the combat and are unaware of his whereabouts till he regains his memory.. He is reminded of his daughter and wife. However the RAW is in constant vigil of the estranged family. Mehrunisa becomes an Art Historian and Restorer and works as a Consultant in the Archaeological Survey of India. The RAW contacts her and gives her the assignment to hunt for the lives saving Kohinoor. She meets her father and resolves to attain Kohinoor. The rest of the story shows how her acumen works in unraveling the mystery through the dense terrains of Kashmir and Pakistan and amid Jihadi treachery and vendetta with of course assistance from good Samaritans of  Kashmir.and Pakistan.
On the other side, the story also describes a father’s journey, after he gets on his legs, from Pir Pinjal to the Hindu Kush, marshalling a lifetime’s friends and age-old debts , channeling the knowledge  , using the skills he had mastered over decades spent on fields to retrieve his child from the dangerous clutches of the Jihadis.  Mehrunisa is also helped by the Police officer and her lover Rana Pratap Singh. The message conveyed in the entire story is NISCHAY KAR APNI JEET---DETERMINE TO WIN and Victory is yours. This is the best part of this lucid and beautiful novel.
The narration is gripping and coherent. The characters are different from the daily routine stories. Meher’s  rocklike father Harinder Singh Khosa, Meher’s mentally strong Persian mother Maadar, Jag Mishra, the RAW official, loyal, robust and intelligent lover R.P.Singh, Raghav the prudent policeman, Begum Ameena  the influential Pakistani ,Babur Khan, the clever Pathan leader, Aziz MIrza  the Pakistani and so on are well depicted and introduced aptly.
The suggestive nicknames like Poppy Palace Pashas for Afghani drug lords, Snow Leopard for Harry, Chanakya for Jag Mishra, Bom Pir for high priest of bombs, Badshah Khan for Babur Khan, ZamZama for big Gun,Song of the Divine for Bhagvadgita,Mar-Jiware the living dead for the militants, Jihadis etc. are really convincing.
The author merits accolades for the indepth research in history and Geography as well and sharing her knowledge with the readers.  This is a thought provoking novel and a must buy for all historical and adventure loving readers.
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