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BANKERUPT by Ravi Subramanian - Vices Of The Erudite And Bankers

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Welcome to another spine chilling thriller – BANKERUPT -by Ravi Subramanian. Here is a adrenalin- packed novel on the unimaginable immoralities in the field of academics, business and banking, which can be churned out by the only Ravi Subramanian, who is acclaimed as “The John Grisham of Banking”.
The story begins in America with the US President Clinton’s thoughts on the shooting of students and teacher by two high -school -going teenagers and the Arms rules for civilians in America and also the death of a jogger in Boston Public Garden .Cirisha Narayanan, an extremely attractive Tamilian from Coimbatore is an Assistant professor in Social Psychology in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is married to Aditya Raisinghania is a high official in the Greater  Boston Global Bank( GB2) , Mumbai. She shuttles between America and India for her work and project respectively. In MIT she works with her supervisor, Michael Cardoza. Aditya helps Cirisha’s father to get a loan from GB2 for Emu Farming at Coimbatore. That is how they meet and get married.
Then there’s a Step Up Shoes company owned by Jigar Shah, who wants to sell away his company through GB2. His CEO Shivender is Aditya’s classmate in Business school. Shivender and Aditya manipulate the accounts of Step Up Shoes to show high profits to boost the company’s image and embezzle a lot of money .Meanwhile, Richard, who is a good friend of Cirisha and works under James Deahl, is disqualified for tenureship by the committee in MIT. He is. On the same day of his disqualification, the committee member Siddiqui gets killed.
James Deahl takes up the research for carrying guns, with Richard, initially sponsored by the National Rifles association but later on by Department of Social Justice and Equality of Arizona State and publishes a book, as the research is not recognized by the University. He also wins the Bankroft Prize for the book. Richard is denied the tenureship the second time and in the frenzy the dean and some faculty are shot dead by him and he shoots himself. However he sends a message and a code to Cirisha , which contains the names of the characters for his failures. Cirisha is also killed as she knows the truth. Her father’s emu farming faces a setback, as he becomes unscrupulous in his dealings. It is her husband Aditya who solves the mystery, in remorse of his dead wife. In his own words , Ravi at one place states that “ the thing about greed is that once it gets you in its clutches , it doesn’t let you go.”
This is a ‘must read’ and ‘can’t keep down’ book. The characters are introduced promptly. The mystery unfolds in a well knit sequence with many settings in India and America. The modalities in emu farming, shoe making, banking and educational research are well elucidated and the vile attitudes of desire, avarice and murder shattering the victorious ventures are well depicted. Ravi Subramanian, we look forward to many such literary treats.
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