Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Aisle Be Damned" By Rishi Piparaiya – Joys and Woes of Air Travel

Welcome to humor in Rishi Piparaiya’s first literary venture called “Aisle Be Damned”. It is refreshingly laughable based on a totally different theme on travails of Air travel with convincing amusement from Rishi , who is reportedly an overworked and over travelled (he has taken over 1000 flights) Corporate executive based in the skies , 38000 feet over India
In the words of the author Rishi, “this book is the accumulated knowledge of the tens of thousands of hours that I have logged in flights, airports, immigration counters, baggage carrousels and the like”. He further states that the nuggets of wisdom would maximize the readers’ flying experience and help them (us) sour through safer, friendlier and more enjoyable skies. 
The book begins with an Essential Packing List of a Dozen items to be kept in the hand baggage to have a safe and pleasant journey like a hood, a sack of birdseed,  a masala dabba(spice box) , a stink bomb or some smelly blue cheese, a smart phone or a tablet and so on. The use of all these items are detailed in the 10 chapters from “ It all begins in the Airport” to “ Perfect Airport Pickups” . The author has made value addition to every aspect of flying experience starting from the trolley at Departures and all the way up to the Taxis at Arrivals and all of this , according to him , for lesser than the price of an Airport Sandwich. 
The author deserves loads of applause and accolades for the extensive research in the Air Travelogue manifesting in the minute details on baggage trolleys, Check-in Upgrades, Security check, Boarding Strategies, Opting for Window or Aisle seats and other aspects of seating, pre-take off procedures and hurdles, safe landings, mid- flight vigilance, technical snags , loos, in-flight meals and booze , announcements and aspects of Captaincy, awesome co-passenger conversations, landing , transit passengers, immigration, baggage claim, Customs, Tourist Tax Refunds and Airport Taxis. 
As regards  the use of the items in the Essential Packing List, mentioned ibid , the hood is intended to hide one’s face from stares of the Business Class while going to the economy seat, the sack of birdseed is to keep the birds grounded to avoid any bird attack, the masala dabba (spice Box) is to make the in-flight meals tangy and tasty , the stink bomb or the smelly blue cheese is for the Rip Off the Rip Off strategy on the fleecing Taxis, and  the smart phone or the tablet is for tweeting praises on the Book at the end  of the journey and so on. Kudos to Piparaiya. 
The humourous expressions like the Rectangular credentials foe Debit/Credit/SIM cards, Business Class Postures(BCP), Shoddy upgraders, Classy upgraders, Walkway standers Walkway Terrors, the Walk of Shame to Economy Class for the erstwhile business class travelers,   Triskaidekaphobia( fear of number 13) and “they flew happily ever after” are impressive and mind blowing. Piparaiya has cast an indelible impression on the various
Nuances of Air travel. In the concluding paragraphs of the Acknowledgements the author acknowledges the resolve that is needed to maintain poise and presence of mind at 38000 feet and expresses his heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for the Aviation Industry and the gracious men and women who keep the skies safe and friendly for all of us. Rishi, you’ll be lauded for “Aisle Be Damned”. 
Thank you, Rishi, for the wonderful literary experience. Hoping to share many more humor filled creations from you. A must read for the Air travelers and those who are yet to travel.
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