Friday, September 06, 2013

'Hiccups' of A Life

Hiccups is a fiction written by Harsh Pande, a computer engineer by profession. He was born in Pune and was educated there. Inspite of suffering from complex orthopaedic disorders by birth, which entailed battle for rehabilitation, he showed remarkable lust for life.
He passed away on 23rd April 2012 when he was 24 years old. Hiccups was his first and last book published by Jaico Publishing House with the contributions of his brother- Digvijay Pande, parents and other well wishers.
The most novel thing about this book is that the protagonist on whose life the story revolves, meet a girl who becomes his friend, close friend and then his partner .The boy and the girl are not referred by any names. It is the story of him and her.
 The book starts with The prologue –monologue with God, in which an 18 year old boy, who had lost his father in childhood, sells his property for basic necessities, studies and treatment of his mother who is in coma after an accident. He prays his last prayer to God in a temple in the hospital corridor for his mother’s recovery. It is the last prayer because if God heals his mother, he will have no desire to pray again and if his words are not heard by the God he will never pray again.
He is always calculative and accumulates money for basic necessities and mother’s treatment .He is afraid of dreaming.  He competes in quiz just to earn money for his basic needs. Every evening he updates his mother about his activities. He is apprehensive to be happy because of the fear of his encounter with misfortunes.
She is a jovial, witty, freedom loving girl and loves to spend the money in night clubs in week ends with friends especially Suparna. Hiccups is a popular night club where she often goes drink and dance for enjoyment.
Destiny brings two engineering students together and their love blossoms in Hiccups club. After he meets the beautiful girl, he tries to dream and come out of his hiccup of being unhappy about his misfortune. Fastermind quiz brings them closer. He starts going to Hiccups with her and experiences enjoyment .It takes two years of their friendship to take her to his mother in coma. After the studies she goes back to her parents and starts working. Twist in the story is given by the author recovering his mother who comes out of  coma. He feels that the hiccup is gone. Mother meets his love and ask to get married.
Though the mother of the girl agrees for the marriage, her father rejects because of the boy’s financial status and misfortune. Again a twist in the story is brought by the author is that of boy’s  mother developing embolism caused due to blood clot in lungs due to which she cannot survive. Again another hiccup for him, ailing mother’s last letter convinces the girl’s father that misfortune is of the mother and not of the son. Mother emphasizes on boy’s financial status which could be overcome by his skill .Mother’s letter convince the father to accept for the marriage. As a mills and boon story ends up in will you marry me and slipping of a ring over her finger and beginning of their new journey, this story also ends up in the same way.
The poetries by the protagonist written in his diary at times are apt to the situation sometimes very touching to the heart. The book is like a slow moving river   without any change in currant or deep jump or blunt twists.
The boy’s helplessness, loneliness, apprehensiveness, attachment to the dying mother, depression etc are beautifully expressed. The blossoming love leading to commitment is greatly evolved. His outlet was only the girl and Dr.Roy the doctor treating the mother. Dr.Roys’s advice as a friend enriched his life.
It is an exemplary book to read. It is a book for one reading. The quiz competition is exorbitantly illustrated along with the feelings and thrill of the participants which can be a source of guidance to the enthusiastic people.
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