Friday, August 30, 2013

“Wise Enough To Be Foolish” by Gauri Jayaram - Powerful Tale of an empowered Indian woman

Welcome to this novel based real story by Gauri Jayaram , which is a stimulating narrative and inspiring tale of a courageous and strong woman.
“WISE ENOUGH TO BE FOOLISH” is a memoir, in fiction, which describes an Indian girl’s life, her confrontations and happy moments, as she matures from an insecure middle child (being second born in a family) into a self made confident woman.
The story begins with the discovery of the infidelity of the husband of Gauri by Gauri herself, who is a 4 month old newly married bride. She is rewinded to her past, her birth as the second girl child in a Punjabi family, the elder one being the much eulogized son and her attempts as a child to be like her brother to win her mother’s care and affection. She becomes boyish and plays with the boys. She plays football but is not so good at studies .However her Math teacher observes her deftness in kicking and forces her to take up athletics, which makes her winner of Medals and soars her confidence and she feels she is loved by all, especially by her mother.   
Just one promise of a date by a young man if she comes third in her class in academics, recharges her zeal and she tops the school. This way she makes good friends and scoring good marks she joins in Sydenham College in Mumbai and starts her life in the hostel. Then the story of roommates, hostel food, the interests of sports and music, friendships with boys and the various phases of Gauri’s blossoming  into an independent individual is described in a true to life way. After the formal education her hunt for employment for being self dependent and her rendezvous with the male friends , chosing finally Zaid and his accepting his infidelity empowers her with extra confidence to take the right decision instead of sitting and cribbing about the male chauvinism and fate and destiny.
However through out her travails, God is with her. In Gauri Jayaram’s own words “I am grateful to God for the way he has planned my existence. The way he has allowed and continues to allow many people to touch my life on a regular basis, so I can do the things I am meant to do “ 
The narration is interesting and will not allow one to keep the book down till one knows the end. The characters Gauri’s  old parents, the importance given to her brother, her sister’s dependence on her, her friends Rima., Saiff, Gillian, Nicky, the motherly boss Kamala, Zaid’s sister, Suraj  are all finely depicted and indicate the essentiality of fellow human beings in moulding a character ( citizen) in this Society.
 “May you grow up to be bright , independent and happy young women, with the power to make India the country we want it to be” Gauri’s wishes to her daughters is a message and will apply to to all our betis( daughters). Thank you ,Gauri for the wonderful literary experience.
A short animated film on how Gauri Jayaram's 'Wise Enough to be Foolish' came about.
A big thanks to Jaico Publications for sending me this book for review.
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