Monday, August 26, 2013

Rule Your Destiny With ‘KEYS’

 Santosh Joshi, a life coach and a past life regression therapist, is here with “Keys” to a   successful, fulfilling and peaceful life for the human race  which is entrapped  in the rat race of modern times.
The book begins with the dialogue of the three parts of a personality- the past self, the present self and the future self. In the author’s own words “these three dimensions get disjointed with time because of unresolved issues of the past, or the fears, anxieties and insecurities of the future. Key to a successful life is in integrating these three dimensions of life into one”. The harmonious coexistence of these three dimensions of life will make one an Achiever.
The three keys that opens the gateway to Triumphant Life is the HLP principle—Healing the past, Living in the present and Planning for the future. The book will serve as a guide to achieve our dreams in life with proper and complete analysis of Self. 
Every Key is introduced in a verse form as well as elucidated with examples and instances from the normal daily life of a common man. Then there is an assignment/ test at the end of every key to self assess the status/ changed status and assimilation of the readers. 
In the chapters on the First Key- Healing the past, it is stated that we always have a choice to forgive and forget , as Forgiveness releases us from painful burdens and about making peace with own self , to let go and go on in life. Relieving and reliving through forgiveness, list making of things or persons bothering one and tearing or burning the list, courd cutting of the past, HOPE  Technique, spending time with children are some of the practical tools spelt out to heal the past . 
The  Second Key - Living in the present, explains that Present Moment is what life is all about, the purpose of life is different and unique for each one of us, once we know  our goal we must choose our path  courageously ,believe in our inner voice be happy and say Thank you as gratitude is direct road to Happiness. Some of the tools to live in the present are Observing the breath, face one’s fears, compile life’s list, laugh out loud, dance, lend a hand and  so on which are humanly possible to use and follow. 
The Third Key- Planning for the future expounds that Consistency, discipline and perseverance are essentials for success and one should be a Visionary and think ahead of time and be adaptable with the changing times, that fear will not touch us if we have faith in our own self, our abilities and in the Universe, cultivate relationships as they give us power and courage to face the rough phases and give back a healthy legacy for the next generation and Mother Earth or the community. Some of the tools  to plan the future are to make a bucket list of desires, learn a new skill, develop intuition meditate anfd help people.
Kudos to Sandip Joshi for his First creation, which is a wonderful, must read and must practice Book, as he has certainly written this after a lot of research and exchange of views. This has to be read and referred to regularly as we are creating a past continuously which would affect our present and future.
In Joshi’s convincing words” Be the Key in someone else’s life and push them ahead. Gift this book to those who really need it and be a reason for change in their life”.
This is what author himself has to tell about this book.

Thanks to Think Why Not for sending me this book for review.
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