Saturday, August 03, 2013

Movie Kalimannu and Cultural Values

Kalimannu a movie written and directed by renowned Malayalam director Blessy has been in news for wrong reason. The controversy started with actual shooting of actress Swetha Menon’s (who plays the lead role in the movie) delivery. The director shot her delivery from a hospital in Mumbai where she was admitted.  The director, who has won so many awards for his previous movies, says that this movie is about relationship of the mother with her baby before and after it was born and shooting of the real delivery will add value to the movie.  Here is a very nice song from that movie that depicts the same thoughts.
Here is the trailer of the movie.

The news that an actual "delivery scene" is there in the movie sent shock waves across Kerala and people who take upon themselves the right to upload the so called “culture” and “Indian values” were up against this movie. They all wanted this movie to be banned. Now Blessy has completed the movie and he got U/A certificate. But now no theater is ready to show this movie for the same reason - presence of this scene.

All I have to say to those morons who are creating such drama – “GROW UP”. If an “actual delivery” is shot and shown, nothing is going to happen to our culture or values. You should just have  the sense to understand that it is just a movie.
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