Saturday, August 17, 2013

Four Reasons Why I Blog Less These Days

I started blogging almost 9 years back. I started blogging to express my thoughts and interests with outside world. There was so many bloggers during that time and nine years down the line I see majority of them no longer blogs. All the blogs that I use to follow in 2005 is no longer active.
When I started writing blog posts I never thought I will go so far – over 500 blog posts with over 0.8 million page views in 9 years. There was a time I use to post over 12 posts in a month. But nowadays the frequency of my blogging has reduced drastically. I was asking myself the question – Why am I blogging less? Here is an attempt by me to answer this question to satisfy myself.
Social Media
When I started blogging, blog was the only media available for me to interact with the outside world. Now things have changed radically – there are so many social media outlets available for you to express your views. I can express my thoughts in a very crisp manner in Facebook and get to know the views of everyone in each nook and corner of the world which is not that easy with blogging. Now so many ideas that I use to blog earlier I use Facebook and Twitter; so the result is less ideas for blogging.
Interaction with students
During the time I use to blog a lot, my daily schedule was like – I go for work and comeback home, spend few hours with family; my interaction with people was very limited. Other than handful of people I interact in office, I hardly interacted with people. After joining VIT University in 2010, this pattern has changed especially in the last 18 months. Any given day I interact with at least 100 students in my office alone and I get lot of avenues to express my thoughts and thus the urge to blog has reduced a lot.
Talks and Lectures
After my return to India, I have travelled to the length and breadth of India to give talks on subjects varying from politics, economics, engineering, placements and of course my area of specialization – environmental engineering. I may soon been doing a lecture series in Middle-East on Engineering by the end of this year. Two talks a month is the minimum I do these days. Now the efforts I need to put to make these talks and lectures drain a lot of energy from me that I hardly get energized to blog. But these days I derive a lot of joy giving talks and I must say that I prefer talks to writing at this point of my life.
I use to read a lot of books earlier but somehow while doing PhD I slowly lost that good habit. I slowly started reviewing my reading habit after coming back to India and now I make it a point to indulge some quality time every day for reading. Again the time spend on reading reduces the space inside my mind for blogging.
Now where is my blog heading to? I have no intention to kill it as this blog has given me an identity in the outside world. I could interact with so many great people through my blog; learn so many things all because of my blog. Yes, frequency may be less, but I will surely be blogging!
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