Sunday, June 16, 2013

When Any One Can Get Into Engineering...

When I was on vacation in Trivandrum one parent with his son came to meet me. The boy has just completed 12th standard and they want to talk to me about engineering admission. This was the conversation we had.
Father: I am very happy today.
Me: Why?
Father: Yesterday Kerala government reduced the eligibility criteria for engineering admission. Now my son also can get a seat for engineering in Kerala.
Father: Exactly. My son has only 47% in Maths but he has 64 and 62 percentage in Chemistry and Physics respectively. I was planning to send him to Tamil Nadu for his engineering where there is no minimum cut-off but now I can get him a seat in Trivandrum itself.
Me: Which branch of engineering he wants to take?
Father: We are not particular about any branch but our dream for him is to get a job in companies like Infosys or TCS. We have a neighbor who did Electronics and Communication from xxx college, graduated in 2005, joined Infosys through campus placement and for the last 7 years in US. He has already built two big houses in Trivandrum.
Me: Do you know that as per the present selection criteria of companies like TCS or Infosys you son may not be even eligible even to appear for campus placement?
Father: What are you talking about?
I switched on my laptop and showed him the minimum eligibility criteria (as per this year) to appear for written test in those companies where he wanted his son to be placed. In majority of the places the eligibility was over 60% marks in 12th standard like the one given below.
Father: This was really an eye-opener for me and son. Thanks for sharing. Why do colleges take students with low marks even when they know they cannot be given jobs? There are colleges outside Kerala that needs only 40% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Maths in 12th standard to get admission for engineering.
Me: They want to fill the seats somehow and make money out of it. Who cares about students and their job?
Heard in Andra Pradesh – Around 2.1 lakh students qualified for engineering in Andra Pradesh but do you know the number of engineering seats available? 3 lakhs!

With over 2 lakh engineering seat vacant in four Southern states of India in 2012, I forsee a major evolution in engineering education happening in India in next five years. Many engineering colleges that mushroomed in the last one decade is going to close down. In another 5 years engineering is going to be one of the many options available to students.
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Blogger AK Menon said...


Wonderful post as always.

The irony-especially for a major part of the last decade- is that, we in India, have had a generation of people thinking that getting into an engineering college was the ultimate passport to a prosperous life. For it didn't matter what you studied, or which branch..there was a campus hire at the end of the 3rd year-and the employer anyway paid you to teach you the skills required to stay on the job.

That party is over.

Over the last couple of years-employers have not just reduced their intake of freshers-but even refused to honour offers of employment..even after a delay of 8-16 months after graduation.

And so we know have a huge inventory of graduate engineers-who have very little depth of their specialisation..and more a cross road-wondering what to do next.

Time to reflect!!

The world is changing faster than ever before. As our lifespans are increasing, all of us will need to work for at least 4-5 decades (well into our 70s?!)-meaning..that there is need to reinvent our career itself..a few times.

It is imperative..that we constantly learn,often unlearn -and then again be able to navigate the path ahead.

Time for us to back to the basics. Do what we love. Build on our individual strengths. Be the best in our chosen field. Back our instincts..(instead of following the herd mentality of looking for a fad/flavour of the season..)

Find out what you love doing most..and get someone to pay you for doing it. Simple :)!??


June 17, 2013 3:06 AM  
Blogger Kenney Jacob said...

You have a point there, but I dont think its necessary that everyone should get placed in one of these MNC IT companies who look at your historical marks rather than what you can actually do. There are many other smaller IT companies out there, infact these smaller companies provide more jobs combined than these big IT companies.

Also.. when all these arts and science colleges were started, did anyone think whether all these students get a job or not.. ?

June 17, 2013 6:27 AM  

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