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TANTRA by ADI - Tantra for Human Good

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Introducing a novel line of fiction on mission of Vampire management, Adi’s first creation, TANTRA, one can say as ‘Adi Kriti’ is awe inspiring. It is the height of imagination made practical, fictionally of course. It is unconventional and a thrilling experience on an unusual theme of life, religion and vampires intricately woven into a story where goodness and righteousness prevails over evil.
The story is about Anu Aggarwal a professional guardian and protector of human race from the Vampires, who comes to India from New York on transfer to avenge her friend Brian’s murder. She is an ace in her profession, as she has tackled and killed the most dangerous vampires in New York.  How her professional and spiritual acquaintances and her familial involvements make her the strongest person to acquire the Mantra, Yantra and Tantra to destroy the evil forces is the main story line.  One can surely discern the author’s esteem for Stree shakti in making this a heroine oriented tale.
The characters of the bold and valiant female guardian Anu , her Indian Counterpart Amit , the Vampires Karta and Chandra , the spiritual gurus Dr.Sharma and Pandit Grover , the evildoer Baba Senaka , the good gossipy chirpy Aunt Nina , Anu’s friends Smiti and Gaurav  and all make “Tantra” a gripping story.
The Sattvic gurus and their suggestions and advises pave the path for victory over the hideous and dreadful practices of the Rakshasa gurus. It is really awesome and appreciable that one’s imagination can visualize and depict such professions and events. The various aspects of the vampire management like shifts, chanting and recital of Mantras, drinking special tea to see the threads of Astras  of mantras ,the Agni Astra and Brahma Astra , the Choti Holi Krura Ratri rituals by Baba Senaka to kill children and store their energies   and others are chilling and petrifying.  The author Adi has surely done lot of research on these aspects. However, this is one novel without a disclaimer by the author that the story and characters are purely fictional.
The Indian scene of old beliefs and taboos , the gullible population taken to stride by religion and Godmen , the highly learned pandits and gurus remaining withdrawn and patiently waiting for sharing and imparting their treasure trove of knowledge to the right person , the highly esteemed Guru - Shishya relationship ,the loving and caring relations and friends ,the courageous and brave womanhood personified by Anu and last but not the least the wicked and unscrupulous machinations of the evil doers are portrayed well.
The foregoing description of the characters and events offers a marked distinction from other routine and mundane themes. Thus here is a novel experience for those readers searching for adventure and insight into Indian doctrines.  On the whole this story requires special readers who should have a fancy for the surreal and supernatural existence. This will take the readers to a different world. The book can be owned  and classified as an extraordinary collection. 
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