Saturday, March 09, 2013

When The Signal Turns Red – Good for Time Pass Reading

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I got this book as a complimentary copy from the author Jayanand Ukey, debutant into the world of fiction writing. I rarely read fiction but the story outline in the back of the book made me curious. That outline had all the makings of a Chetan Bhagat’s book – two engineering graduates – Girish and Prajakta in love and going to join two leading software companies - jobs they got through campus placement. Being a teacher myself I could easily identify with such a story. Any similarity with Chetan Bhagat books and this book ends there.
Being the first book, Jayanand has exceeded my expectation and i find in him a great writer. However there are so many instances in this book that defies logic or give the readers a feel that it was artificially created so that the author can take the story forward. The news of Girish and Prajakta losing job on the same day and the same news being reported in the various channels; then the same company hiring back Girish in a span of one week – all do not sink well with the story. Again, the way Prajakta escapes from the eyes of Karan (the guy whom her father wants her to marry) and her security guard, to meet with her lover defies all logic. The end is ridiculously hilarious that again defies all logic.
Chetan Bhagat’s movies are made successfully in Bollywood and this story will easily find takers from the world of television serials. I read this book in little over four hours and so if you are in airport or railway station and want to kill time then I recommend this book for you.
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