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R.I.P - Second Feedom Struggle in India fought by Resurgent Indian Patriots

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Here’s a military thriller by Mukul Deva, with non- stop action and well researched storyline.
Karmanye vaadhikaarasthay maa phaleshu kadachana, maa karma-phala-hetur bhur maa te sangho ‘stv akarmaani’”, which means we have a right to perform our prescribed duty, but we’re not entitled to the fruits of our actions. We should never consider ourselves the case of the results of our actions, and never be attached to not doing our duty. This verse from Bhagvad Gita is the guiding principle of the Resurgent Indian Patriots, a group of six  formed by Retired Colonel Krishna Athawale to end corruption and greedy politicians ,so that the common man can rest in peace while living his life in India.
In his own words, the author Mukul Deva writes “all these years, no matter which party came to power, they (the corrupt) all survived because all of them were in cahoots. All of them aware that if they kept quiet about the others, they in turn would keep quiet about them and everyone got to milk the nation. That is how the Indian politician had survived all these years. That is why no Indian politician had ever been found guilty of any wrongdoing or convicted by any court”.
The story begins with the killing of kins of famous corrupt politicians in Bihar, Pune and Chennai by the RIP with their announcement in all the TV Channels that if no immediate action is taken on the errant politicians, one corrupt person would be executed every day for three days, viz. a corrupt politician involved in land scam,  a corrupt judge and a  corrupt arms dealer, starting from the next day and that India will no longer tolerate the rape of the motherland. Then comes the superb narration of the   plans of the RIP headed by Krishna and his group comprising of Karan, Kevin, Kashif, Kunal and Kamlesh names of all starting with the letter ‘K’, which are fruitfully executed, inspite of the stiff contests from the CBI’s men headed by Vinod Bedi and the Home Ministers personal investigation team headed by Raghav Bhagat .The final killing of the designated heir of the political heirachy and the formation of the Government by the newly formed political party  -Incredible Resurgent India is the silver lining .The softer portion of the story has three characters Pooja the dead wife of Krishna, Reena Bhagat , the separated wife of Raghav and love of Krishna and Paayal, the understanding sister of Krishna.
Even though in the disclaimer given in the Author’s page, Mukul Deva has stated that the characters are purely fictional, one can surely discern their likeness with the Indian political scenario. The description of the unconditional selfless service of the RIP with no avarice for award or reward is fine and inspiring. The story is crisp and fast moving. 
This is a lucidly written thought provoking thriller proving the ingenuous patriotism of Mukul Deva in every word and deed of the novel. A heart rending tale from one who has lived by the gun. A must buy for a good collection of modern literature.
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