Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CHANAKYA’S NEW MANIFESTO - Pointers to Solving India’s Long Standing Problems

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Here is a non-fictional creation by Sri.Pavan K. Varma, which is a treatise to Chanakya and his much valid and valued theory. Chanakya’s New Manifesto analyses the multiple challenges facing the country and proposes solutions to them.
What would Chanakya do if confronted with the various crises that beset contemporary India? Using this question as the primary point, Sri. Varma makes a practical and detailed plan, modelled on Chanakya’s Arthashastra, to bring about reform in the following five priority areas that need urgent attention.
1. Governance: - Sri. Varma elaborates in 57 points, the reforms required in Governance and the necessity of pre-announced coalition, Governance Agenda, Lock in period of 3 years, Governance Appraisal Panel, duties and powers of the Prime Minister, integrity of the Government employees and so on for safeguarding national interests. 
2. Democracy: - In order to take the measures required restoring credibility and dignity to Indian democracy, Sri. Varma elucidates in 87 points like formation of an Apex committee for electoral reforms, accounting of donations to political parties, compulsory submission of audited accounts by parties, strengthening of the EC with a special cell of the income tax department to vet the declaration of the assets of the electoral candidates etc.
3.Corruption:-If corruption becomes a matter of great risk ,where the odds are heavily stacked against perpetrators, it is likely that every one takes care. Hence there are 111 points discussed like reforms in funding and financial accountability of the political parties and the political system, neutral infusion of technology, elaboration and finalization of a model legal framework ensuring transparency and fairness in all laws relating to buying and selling of national resources and government procurement processes and institution of prompt and regular deterrent action for all acts of corruption. 
4.Security:-For creating an integrated security infrastructure, 58 points have been given envisaging the creation of the Policy Planning Division, Defence Committee, Defence Procurement Directorate ,Border Infrastructure Cell, separate ministry of internal security comprising of anti –terrorism and anti- insurgency units.
5.The creation of an exclusive society:- Creation of a pro-active exclusive society is explained in 41 points which include effective implementation of unique identity based services, adoption of a new National Mission on Agriculture, creation of a Special Purpose Vehicle to fast track the proposals of labour intensive manufacturing sector, prioritizing the Health sector, coordinated efforts in education and developmental activities and so on.     
Hence in the author’s own words “Chanakya’s New Manifesto proposes a comprehensive blueprint for change” and it is a book that should be attentively read by everybody.
The statistical data and the facts given is a manifestation of Sri. Varma’s dedication and sincerity to his work. Looking forward that someday this will be a text book for some curriculum of progressive India.
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