Sunday, January 06, 2013

State of Indian Cricket Team – In Software Language

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Yuvraj Singh and Suresh Raina go on a victory runMost of the time I follow cricket match in Cricinfo website. Their live commentary is too good and the best part I like about their commentary is that they publish interesting comments from the people following cricket from across the globe. During the third one day match between India and Pakistan played in New Delhi, there were some interesting comments published that analyzed the state of India cricket using software language. I found it very interesting and here are few of those comments. Most of them are very imaginative.
 "I think the problem of India is most likely a programming error. The coding "IF (VS SRI LANKA, WIN, ELSE LOOSE)" should be recoded," says Ameega. Is there a BREAK for the loop they are currently stuck in? 
Zeeshan: "@Ameega: I think there is a problem in import file. Its throwing illegal reference exception." 
Osama: "@Zeeshan, unfortunately for Indians, there's no appropriate catch handler for the exception thrown."
Hammad: "the only solution is - fletcher GOTO Exit; ' 
Karthik: "/* Everything we say about the Indian team are 'comments', and it doesn't really alter the program. */" 
Danny: "@ameega I think you need to re-boot team India
Uzair: "I think there is a virus in Indian Cricket System that needs to be removed." 
Salman: "oh gosh comments took over by IIT people how a IIM guy can comment now have to make some STRATEGY to divert" 
Arshath: "@ Zeeshan: Our new PM Ganguly would try to handle by merging the class " 
Ali: "@Usama: reloading the earlier dump of import Kirsten.Coach file might work. But did they take any back up for it at that time?"

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Anonymous Gareth said...

I saw this exchange too and really enjoyed it!

In light of the result I would add the following:

IF ($Match_Type == 'Dead Rubber') {
echo 'Play like world beaters'}

January 06, 2013 6:16 PM  

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