Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Funny Mistakes in Resumes

Being the Head of the Department of Civil Engineering in my University, I have to shortlist for interview from hundreds of resumes that we get when we advertise for a Faculty position. Some of the resumes are written so badly with so many mistakes that it does not even take a minute to reject them. Some of them are so funny that you will have a good laugh before disposing them off to the trash. Here are few of them.
The post advertised is Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering where ability to handle undergraduate class is the main requirement. See the objective written by one of the candidate. Does it have anything to do with the job advertised?
 Now another candidate was writing in his resume about the past experience. He was writing about his salary in his previous job. See what he has written. What is this “Concern”?
The another interesting salary drawn by another candidate in one of his previous job. Rs 10,00,000 /km; Since when one started earning his salary in kilometer?
You are applying for the post of Assistant Professor; since when ability to drive a two wheeler a criteria for selection?
These are just samples. I can easily write a book compiling the mistakes I see in resumes. When will people realize the importance of writing an error free resume that suits to the job profile?

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