Monday, October 29, 2012

STRUCTURA13 – Imagine, Create and Thus Inspire!

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Are you an engineering student who can Imagine, Create and thus Inspire? Then STRUCTURA13 is for you. American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) VIT Student Chapter is organizing Structura13, a Civil Engineering symposium on January 19-20, 2013 – one of its kind with workshop, guest lectures, paper presentation and lots of events including CIVIL MUN. The main attractions of the symposium are guest lectures by Dr Devadas Menon, Professor, IIT Madras and Dr N. Raghavan, ex. Director of L&T. The workshop in Project Management will be conducted by ExpertsHub. The events include Crane Wars, Quiz, Strassen Karte, Beton Flo, Online CAD, Urbanistica, Online CAD, On spot CAD and Modelling. 
Through this symposium, we plan to change the perception of those who think Civil engineering is monotonous, we will give you a fray in the most exciting and mind blowing world of innovative CIVIL ENGINEERING, unfurling it's deep secrets. We believe in INNOVATION is the only way which can lead us in future. Hurry and register for Structura13!
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Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Must Watch Video from "The Hindu"

The Hindu has done it again. After the great advertisement war with Times of India few months back, now they have come up with this video which is surely a slap in the face of Indian politicians. Hope all those Indian politicians see this video and learn a lesson from this video and behave much better in parliament and state assemblies. Kudos to the team who came up with this brilliant idea.
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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Poll - Who will win Gujarat Assembly Election?

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Elections to Gujarat Assembly will take place in two phases - December 13th and December 17th. Chief Minister Narendra Modi is trying to have hatrick of victories while opposition Congress is trying hard to make a strong comeback. Whom do you think will win in Gujarat?

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Friday, October 05, 2012

Thundergod – Saga of Vandalism, Valor and Victory

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This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at Participate now to get free books! 
Here is the epic tale of Indra, the King of Devas, hailed by the Rishis as “God of Thunder! Sovereign Lord of Amaravathi! Liberator of the clouds and waters! Bringer of Rains! Slayer of Vrtra! King of all Gods and men!” .Thundergod is a wonderful creation of  fascination that the author Rajiv Gopalakrishnan had for the stories and characters from Indian, Greek and Norse mythologies. 
The story is about Indra who was born of a prophetic union between the Earth Goddess Gaia and Daeyus, chief of the Devas. The prophecy of the Braega, the high priest Ishtar, the daughter of the moon is that the child born to Daeyus will unite the warring sons of Aditi and that if he is left to live he will grow so powerful that he will one day destroy the world. Orphaned by destiny, Indra grows up in the whirlpool of treachery and tribal incumbency, under the watchful warrior sage Mitra, who is designated as Vishwamitra, the Raja Rishi at the end of the story.  Mitra, brings Varuna, Agni, Vayu, Soma and Indra, all gifted boys under the Falcons group and trains them. Indra who is the heir designate wins over his tribe – Devas, in the spardhas along with his four friends and is crowned the king. Vasu who was the guardian of Indra and regent, till Indra was crowned, and his malicious son Pusan are killed and Vasu’s daughter Sachi is married to her childhood friend Indra who is now the King of the Devas. Aligning forces with his four friends and with  divine intervention, Indra, embarks on a military campaign of epic proportions stretching from the Euphrates in Asia Minor to Harappa on the Indian sub continent, encountering formidable armies, demonic beings and powerful Goddesses and loses the only woman he really loves. He slays Vrtra, the Asura and is crowned in Swarga by Manu the law giver and the Rishis just to restrain his annexation and save the world. 
This exotic tale takes the readers to lands beyond their imagination fantasized by nature’s bounties, horses, elephants and snakes. There are beautiful description of the warfare and valorous combats with swords and spears intertwined with the physical longing and urges of the warriors. The author’s research is manifested in the details of the governance and Government in those times. The illustration of  reliable and prompt pigeon Mail service and the serving of the Som potion by Soma for strength and energy  takes the readers to a different world. The priorities of the Rajas shown as  defense and progeny is convincing. 
The depiction of the feminine roles Gaia, Sachi, Mahisi, Madri, Valli and Anga showing beauty and brains for attainment of goals is really appreciative. The sincerity and managerial skills of Paras and Mitra are exemplary.                
The author merits accolades for the in depth research in history and sharing his knowledge with the readers.  This is a thought provoking novel and a must buy for all historical and fantasy loving readers.
This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program at Participate now to get free books! 
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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Chaotic Medical College alias CMC, Vellore

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I was told by many after I settled in Vellore never to go to this “renowned” Christian Medical College (CMC) if you don’t suffer from some life threatening condition. If you go there for treatment of ordinary fever or cold they will treat you like a piece of shit. Other day I went to CMC to give treatment for my daughter who was suffering from fever and cold and that day happened to be the worst day after our return back to India.
Let me narrate what happened. Our daughter was suffering from cold for the last fifteen days.  In those fifteen days she had fever during the first three days and the last four days. During the last four days, she only had fever from 1:00 AM to 6:00 AM in the morning. She was eating well and also playing well rest of the time. So on the four day morning around 5:00 AM when she had a temperature of 100oF, we took our daughter to the health center of our school that was at a walking distance from our home. The doctor there told us that her blood needs to be tested and it would be better to take her to CMC. He gave us a referral slip to CMC.
We came back home prepared milk for our daughter and went to CMC. We reached their by around 7:30 AM. By that time fever had subsided and our daughter was OK. We went to the pediatric casualty and they told us that since it is not an emergency you need to see the doctor as an outpatient. Time was around 8:00 AM and we grabbed some breakfast and stood in the line to take an appointment to meet the doctor. By the time we reached to the front of the queue it was 10:30 AM!
Me: I want a private appointment with a pediatrician for my daughter (there is both private and general appointment).
Cashier: There is no private appointment available for next five days

Me: We came here for blood test and we cannot wait for five days.

Cashier: Then can I give general appointment?
Me: Yes.
Now I paid him and he asked us to go to the first floor. When I reached the first floor, the scene was nasty. It was a 15x15 meter room and there were more than 500 adults and kids waiting in that room. As I glanced through that room I could see kids with all kinds of diseases, even contagious diseases like chicken pox sitting there. There were only few chairs (may be a maximum of fifty) but all were occupied and even the entire floor was occupied by kids and their parents. That room resembled a platform of a typical railway station like Chennai. 
I went to the security guard and asked him what I should do next. He asked us to go and stand in a queue on the extreme end of the room to get the token number to see the doctor. I went and stood there while my wife and daughter stood on one side of the room. While I was standing in the line I saw one kid puking on the floor dirtying the floor. No one came to clean and other kids started playing over it and people started walking over it for the next 10 minutes before someone came to clean it. It was gross, I must say! 
I stood in that queue from 10:45 AM and then my turn came at 11:30 AM. The man sitting in the counter saw my receipt and told me that my “case book” has not come up and I should come back by 12:15 PM very rudely. I tried to explain to him that it took me 45 minutes in queue to reach here but he was not ready to listen. 
Now I came out and went back to the end of the queue again. This time it took me one hour in the queue for my turn to come. Now I got my token number and it read “206”. The token number being called was “122”. I went back to the security guard and asked if we can go, have lunch and come back. He told that numbers are called at random and “206” may be called within 1 minute or 1 hour. So we started waiting. After around 45 minutes the screen on top of that room showed “206” and we went inside to see the doctor. 
That was a small room with a table. On either side of the table two doctors where sitting and both were treating patients separately. Our doctor was a young lady by name Christina (by the way the nurses were making fun of her and from the scant respect she was getting from duty nurses I am not sure if she was an MBBS student doing her final year house surgency or a qualified doctor). The conversation that happened between the doctor and us: 
Wife: My daughter is not well for 15 daysEven without slight hesitation and without checking her
Doctor: It may be dengue fever. Now every other child has it.
Wife: She has cold for 15 days and not fever. We are here only to check her blood.
Doctor: (after checking her chest and back using stethoscope) She should be kept here under observation for couple of days.
Me: Doctor, we are here only for blood test. She is perfectly normal.
Doctor: She is not well for 15 days. It may be dengue fever. We will start the first dose of medicine now. It cannot be given orally. It has to be given through IV. Also, please give the blood and urine right now to test.
Me: Doctor, can’t we wait till the blood results are out to start the treatment?
Doctor: If we don’t start the treatment now it may get aggravated.
Me: What antibiotics are you giving and can’t we give it orally?
Doctor: I don’t have time to answer all your queries. Lots of patients are waiting. Go to Room No. 8 and the nurse will help you.
Doctor called the next patient and we went to room no. 8. It was a 15x5 meter room with 15 odd beds. We waited for about 30 minutes on the side before a nurse came to us and saw what the doctor has written. She immediately asked us to go to one counter and pay for doing the blood and urine test. Then she asked us to get the medicine and other accessories required to give the antibiotics from the pharmacy. 
Now my wife and daughter went to pay the money and I went to pharmacy to buy medicines. There was close to 100 people in front of me in the queue at the pharmacy. Another long queue and another long wait. Now while I was standing in the queue, I called my wife’s brother who is a doctor and told him about the medicine. He was telling me that the antibiotics the doctor prescribed was a third generation one which is powerful that is usually given only after blood results are positive. I confirmed the same with another doctor I knew. It took me two hours to get the medicine and by the time I came back with it, it was 4:30 PM. My wife also just finished paying for the blood and urine test. 
By the time we reached back to room no. 8, all three of us were exhausted as we hadn't taken our lunch. Now the nurse comes and takes the needle to poke the fore arm of our daughter and fix it there. She draws blood for various tests and then kept it closed to give the dose of antibiotics the doctor had prescribed. Our daughter was crying continuously as this was the first time someone was poking a needle into her fore-arm. 
Now the nurse takes out the medicine from the packet I bought and to all our surprise the dosage given was wrong. The doctor prescribed 450 mg and they gave us only 250 mg. The nurse told me to go and get the correct dose. I got really angry and told her it is not possible for me to go and wait there another two hours. We told the nurse that we don’t want to give this medicine to our daughter before the results of the blood test came and we want to talk to the doctor. 
Nurse calls the doctor and she comes to that room. Both of us were very upset and tired and we talked to the doctor in a little harsh tone and loudly.
Wife: Tell us why you are giving these antibiotics before the blood test results are out?
Dr Christina (C): Your daughter’s liver and spleen are enlarged and so this medicine is required. 
This is the first time she is telling about the liver and spleen. Luckily for us one senior doctor there overheard our conversation and came near us. That doctor came to us and started a conversation with Christina
Senior Doctor (S): Which medicine did you prescribe?
S: What is the blood platelet count?
C: We have just given the blood for testing
S: Then why are you giving this medicine to her now?
C: Madam, her liver and spleen are slightly enlarged
S: Slight enlargement is so common in kids at this age.
S: Don’t give this medicine. If after the blood test if there is a fluctuation in the platelet count then give her this injection.
Now I asked the nurse to remove the needle they poked into our daughter’s forearm as she was crying continuously and has not eaten anything from morning. They told us that if the blood results come positive they need to give injection through that needle and left it on. The time then was 5:30 PM and we were told that the blood results will come by 6:00 PM. 
We started our wait. An incident we saw while waiting made both of us lose all confidence in that doctor. One small kid (may be two months old) was being treated in the room. Suddenly the kid developed fits. The nurse rushes to Christina, who was treating our daughter and asked her what to do to revive that kid. The doctor raised both the hands and gave an expression “why are you asking me; what do I know?” After that she took the phone called someone and then told nurse to give some medicine. On the way back we could hear that the nurse was cursing the doctor like anything. 
By 6:15 PM the nurse told us that blood samples reached the lab only now and results will be out by 6:45 PM. Our daughter was still crying and has become extremely weak. She refused to eat anything also. Around 7:00 PM my wife went and asked about the result. The nurse coolly told her that the doctor left for her house and only that doctor can see the result. 
We were there for more than 12 hours now without having any food and now both of us lost our control. We shouted at the nurses with full throat; the entire floor could hear us shout. We demanded that our daughter be discharged immediately and the needle from her hand be removed right now. Other doctors and nurses came there and we shouted at them also. We came there to give the blood for testing and it was over 12 hours and they were taking us for a ride. Now the nurse removed the needle and we came out of the hospital fully exhausted. 
Next day all the blood results came and everything was negative. God saved our daughter that day from the heavy dose of antibiotics. The very next day we took our daughter to two pediatricians in the town and both told us very specifically that there was no enlargement of liver or the spleen! 
Looking back, we spent over 12 hours in CMC; in that over 7 hours was wasted standing in various queues; remaining sitting in those rooms crowded with people with not even a single quality doctor around. Doctors were mostly students and the way they were diagnosing the disease was so pathetic. So my advice, avoid CMC as far as possible especially if you are suffering from health conditions that is not life threatening. Otherwise you will repent later.
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