Saturday, December 01, 2012

The sharp edge of Terrorism’s Machete – A revelation

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The edge of the machete” by Abhisar Sharma makes a permanent mark of wonderment on the reader. Here is a masterpiece of  fiction on terrorism and Jihad told as a spine chilling story leaving one in awe and giving the creeps. But the wonderful ending restores one’s infinite faith on humanity. 
The story is about a CIA operative Eduardo Gomez wreaking vengeance on his buddy Jason’s gruesome killing by the edge of terrorist Aamir Sherzai’s Machete. Jason Wilson was the first CIA official to be caught and executed on Pakistani soil by the Tehreek , the most dreaded terrorist organization in Pakistan founded by Baitullah Mehsud , the man who was himself eliminated by a  US drone strike. The video of this gory murder is sent to the CIA and globally telecasted with biased comments and mixed reactions. Eduardo aka Sarfaraz Khan ,the first of the three, Shahid Khan aka Shaun Marsh ,the second of the three and Journalist Rahul Sharma  , the third one ,as designated by the author,  with different backgrounds arrive at the Beast in the Khyber., Pakistan. The Beast is the dwelling of the most ferocious terror outfits working for the common cause of Holy war. How the three confront and challenge the edge of the Machete, terrorism personified, in the Beast is the main story. 
The entire complex of the Beast ,in the story,was accidentally discovered by the Afghan Taliban men on the run from American forces. The entire structure is built in a mountain The Black Warriors, terrorists from Mullah Omar’s Afghan Taliban are keepers of the Beast The Dungeon in the Beast is where the prisoners are tortured. 
Abhisar Sharma’s hard work in researching and acquiring knowledge on the Talibans merits a standing ovation. The characters of Mohammed Akhund, Abu bin Shib, Anwar ul Haq, Fareed Khan, Abdul , Maqbool ,Dr.Samar Abbas, the scientist who is making a 10 kilotonne nuclear bomb and others are impressive and well arrayed. 
The geographical depictions of the Khyber, Torkham and the Beast is superb.The soft roles of the story are Amanda aka Meera , Shahid’s girlfriend and Rahul’s wife, Jane and Eliya. The sentimental adornment is offered by the reverential memories of their mothers by Aamir, Eduardo, Shahid and Rahul. 
The description of the combat aerial vehicle, Predator, armed with the multi spectral targeting system and missiles, the electro-optical infrared system, laser designator and the laser illuminator enlightens the reader of the technological advancement in modern   warfare. 
Abhisar Sharma ‘s novel surely exposes the readers to a different  world and improves their awareness of the new age nuances keeping the welfare of the mankind in the highest pedestal. A must buy for a classified collection.
This review is a part of the This review is a part of the Book Reviews Program Participate now to get free books!
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