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Here comes a gripping thriller narrated in a maze of deception, dishonesty and treason. In Ravi Subramanian’s (the author’s) own words “this tale brings into focus the changing aspirations of Urban India and the saga of greed which prevails in most corporates in India, where morally bankrupt managers are willing to go any extent to fulfil their material desires. Has the end become more important than the means?” The story is fascinating and leaves the reader spellbound till he reads the last line of the epilogue. 
‘The Bankster’  is a financial crime story revolving round the series of murders of Pranesh the cashier , Harshita  the efficient  relationship manager, her husband and Raymond the official  from the Compliance department of the Greater Boston Global Bank(GB2) at Mumbai , posing a threat to the reputation of the Bank. Karan Panjabi, a journalist and ex –employee of the bank stumbles on some clues leading to global conspiracy with far reaching ramifications – a secret that could destroy the Bank but also cast a shadow on the entire nation. He has only 36 hours at his disposal to save the other lives and the name of the Bank. His investigation, along with his girl friend Kavya who is also an employee of the Bank, unfolds the avaricious and unscrupulous facets of the managers in resorting to devious methods   for materialistic benefits. The scrutiny reveals smuggling, nepotism, homicide, treason, political exploitation, frauds and embezzlements all culminating in and through the transactions of the Bank.
The story begins with the smuggling of diamonds by Joseph Braganza from Angola. The author gives a lucid depiction of the availability of the raw uncut diamonds at Angola. The identity of Joseph Braganza is revealed at the end which has a bearing on the other incidents in the story. The characters of Vikram , Tanuja, Indrani , all officials of high capacity  and   Zinaida the smartest Relationship Manger out of the 13 newly recruited managers give an insight into the managerial roles in the modern banking. From Angola  and Mumbai , the readers are taken to Devikulam in Kerala where the Trikakulam nuclear power project is underway. Krishna Menon and his wife portray the elderly citizens who are against the nuclear plant, on account of their only sons death in the Chernobyl explosion and the political pressures, local and foreign, are well connected to the story. The author also gives a beautiful description of Austria and Vienna, where Harshita and her husband go for a vacation and are murdered. . The narration of the dedication of the police at Vienna in solving the murder case is also is also commendable. Last, but not the least , there is a brilliant approach to scientific investigation  and the reader is enlightened about the  icloud techniques , photostream , security cameras, and the various managerial validation statements in the Banking sector.
Kudos to Ravi Subramanian, Thank you for the wonderful experience. We Wish to read many more . A must read and a must buy for every reader. 
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