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THE KRISHNA KEY – A Rouletting Thriller

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The KRISHNA KEY is a Treat of Knowledge to the readers on the Vedic age and Mahabharatha served along with a paced and rouletting thriller. It also throws light on the modern nuance from the highly organized data base techniques and information systems to the heinous arts of pickpocketting, felony and murder. The theme of the story is rightly spelt out by Ashwin Sanghi as the revelation that “the philosopher is more important than the stone.” 
This pulse racing story is about the search for the the Krishna key, constituting 4 seals and a base plate. The four seals found at Dwaraka, Kalibangan, Kurukshetra and Mathura and are kept with renowned researchers .The quest for the Krishna key by the 2 groups of the erudite class and the fanatics headed by self styled Mataji and her ordained disciple Taarak Vakil ( anagram of Kalki avatar) is the main story. The most appreciable feature is the added narration of Krishna’s story right from his forefathers Yayati and Yadu till his last, duly including Mahabharatha till the Pandavas and Kauravas go to heaven. One just cannot mince words while praising Sanghi for his intelligent interlacing of the mythological episodes of Krishna and Mahabharatha with the main tale of the quest for the Krishna Key. 
The story evolves round the eminent Historian Ravi Mohan Saini and his  Scientist fraternity’s endeavour to decipher the Krishna key on one side and the Mataji’s  fanatic group’s trials to know the secrets and destroy them to protect Vishnu in Krishna’s form on the other side.  The Krishna Key unfolds the Syamantaka, the Stone that was used in alchemy to turn base metals to gold. The lone survivor historian Saini finds out that the Syamantaka is embedded in the dome of the Taj Mahal .The description of the Taj Mahal and the Hinduistic story there of is wonderful and convincing..
The characters of Ravi Mohan Saini, Dr.Bhojraj, Anil Varshney, Professor Rajaram Kurkude and Devendra Chhedi (all surnames linked to the earlier clans of the Yadavas) -the research oriented scientists, the fanatic Mataji posing as Saini's doctoral student Priya ,the super sniffer Police Inspector Radhika Singh , Sunil Garg  the corrupt CBI Officer, Sir Khan the Underground Mafiaman, Taarak Vakil, the Mataji ordained Kalki Avataar and others really make the story a gripping thriller. The soft spot in the saga is the gradual love affair , budding and blooming between the Scholar Saini and super cop Radhika through their running ,escaping, shooting and trapping travails , which is beautifully narrated. 
The rendition of the mythology of Krishna and the references to the Vedic Age and the explanation of the numbers specially 9,18 and 108 in the different aspects is scientifically reasoned out by Sanghi .The detailed descriptions of Dwaraka, Mathura , Vrindavan , Mount Kailash and Taj Mahal  are wonderful and exemplary. 
Though it is a work of fiction, The Krishna Key is based on sound research as is reflected from the odd list of 135 items of literature, Audio and Video, as enumerated in the Reference and Acknowledgements Section, which is given after the end of the story in the book. Moreover despite the disclaimer given by Sanghi that the historical and depicted images in the book are not accurate, yet they are convincing and thought provoking for the layman and the intellectual. We are thankful for the literary outcome of the immense research done by Sanghi. 
The lucid, logical and coherent analysis of the Syamantaka, the alchemist’s stone ,should be given a standing ovation. The goal of transformation of the lower forms to higher forms is also likened to the transformation of the existing self to a better self by meditating with positive vibrations on any stone or idol. That is why he says that “the philosopher is more important than the stone”. It is the collective energies of the devotees that make miracles happen and not the Stone or the idol. This is the best conclusion and leaves the readers in an unexplainable trance. Thank you, Sanghiji for the beautiful experience. Awaiting similar enlightenment in all your future creations. 
To sum up, this is a must-buy and must-read Syamantaka in one’s literary treasure chest.
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Nice Review, Rathiyammayi...
Will soon be buying the book!
Waiting for more reviews..

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Here is a month long celebration of Indian debut writers. Do join in. The rules are simple - Read the 1st book of an Indian writer, review, link to us. We promote, you vote. It will be a fun and exciting month. With some prizes thrown in too. Hope to see you at The Tales Pensieve.

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