Monday, August 06, 2012

"I wrote your name in the sky And Yours And Yours too" - Poetry on Teenage Emotions

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I rarely read fiction. I grabbed a copy of “I wrote your name in the sky And Yours And Yours too” just because the author, Nikhil Chandwani is a second year engineering student of my University and the book was released none other than the Chancellor of VIT University Dr G. Viswanathan.
Once I read it I understood – it is neither a novel nor fiction; it is a diary of a teenager I see daily in my University. It took me close to 90 minutes to read this book and in each page I could see the face of so many present generation students – their pain, their sorrow, their revenge and their happiness – all their emotions in those 100 pages of this novel.
This is a must read book for parents and teachers as it clearly illustrates how the mind of a Generation Y works; the way they view love, lust, romance, rejection and sex. The book is so fast paced and I am sure you won’t be disappointed reading this one.

 If you are a teenager or just graduated from college, you can identify very closely with all the characters of this book. I am sure you may be reading your story, your room mate’s story or your class mate’s story or story of your best friend.
The cover design has a troll guy on it and that can easily identify with the Facebook generation. This book by Nikhil is full of life and highly recommended to understand the present generation teenagers.
This is a book for the “Gen Y” by the “Gen Y” of the “Gen Y”.
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