Friday, July 27, 2012

“Wings of Silence” – Flying Colors of Silence

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We may have already read such plots; we may already saw so many movies with similar plots; but the book “Wings of Silence” by Shriram Iyer is different. It is indeed a magisterial work. The book is so engaging, fast paced and a visual treat that once you start reading you won’t feel like stop reading it till you finish. This book shows us the wonders of power of love and support from those close to you can do to your confidence. 
“Ma bought me this book today. This is my friend – Raj”. The story in the “Wings of Silence” created by Shriram Iyer is consequence of the stealthy reading of elder brother Raj Sethi’s diary (termed above as friend) by the younger brother Saurav Sethi. Both are sons of Akshay Sethi, ex. Squadron leader who was bestowed with Veer Chakra. He got injured in action in the India Pakistan war and had to retire soon after the receipt of the award. Akshay teaches his son Sourav “Remember Saurav, there are only two types of people in the world – winners and losers” which had a lasting impression on Saurav and he follows categorizing his acquaintances into two boxes. Saurav is a child prodigy, meritorious at studies and sports (tennis) whereas his elder brother Raj was born deaf. Even though he was born with normal vocal chord, the lack of an aural feedback prevented coherent speech from birth. Hence due to lack of adequate expression, Raj Sethi becomes an under-achiever and is written off as a loser by his father, who demonstrates open insults on the elder son and appreciation for the younger son. Saurav also thinks his brother is devoid of any feelings. 
But, Saurav’s assumption turns untrue and he is stunned at his brother’s expressions in his diary, where he dreams of winning the gold medal for Olympics Marathon. Saurav sacrifices his career in Tennis and sets on the toughest journey with his girl friend Shalini to make his brother achieve his dreams. Amidst the intense cold war between USA and USSR, diffident environments and the toughness of the Olympics contestants, Raj Sethi runs to victory in the Olympics and wins the gold medal duly acknowledging the mammoth support given by his little brother in front of whole world. 
“Wings of Silence” illustrates the element of family support required at every stage of an individual’s accomplishment in addition to his own latent talents through the depiction of characters like Father, Mother, Brother, Cousin, Aunt, Friends, Coaches and so on. It is a must read book that also gives an insight of the sports like Tennis and Marathon. It proves that human values of love, discipline, respect, generosity, sacrifice and companion are essential ingredients of success. The book will surely be an addition to the treasured collection and can also be gifted to all near and dear. The “Wings of Silence” is the Wings of Victory in the world of writing of Shriram Iyer. Looking forward to many more such creations, Mr Iyer.
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Anonymous Mina said...

The review is interesting.Looks the book will be very good as it deals with human relationships and the struggles faced by people who want to succeed in life!

July 30, 2012 7:46 PM  

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