Monday, May 14, 2012

Two Books I Recommend

Two books - one by my student and another by a teacher whom I admire most got released recently.
Painted” collection of 43 poems by Swati Singh Sambyal, that got released last week. Swati is alumni of VIT University and a student of mine. According to Swati “Painted” is:
Painted is my attempt to depict life in all its colors – the way we live, experience, love or hate. The 43 poems have a story embedded within – of experiences, people, friends, observations, loss, misery, love and all the other emotions that remain in the confines of our hearts. Painted talk of the myriad shades of life and their lessons. You never know, after all which shade is waiting to paint your life at its next hairpin bend.
Do buy this book and encourage a budding writer in Swati and I am looking forward to more such books from a good student of mine.
The next book is a scientific book by Dr Thankamani, Professor of Biotechnology in University of Kerala. I admire her not only for her teaching skills but for the extraordinary courage she has shown to fight the might of communist goons. Her book “Phytochemistry – Study of Bioactivities ofLeaves, Stem Bark and Roots of Alstoniascholaris” published by Lambert Academic Publishing. I don’t understand much about phytochemistry but hope she will publish more books like this in the future.

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