Thursday, May 31, 2012

This is the Real Kolaveri…

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I read The Hindu newspaper daily and for the last fortnight every day I woke up to see a full page advertisement of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha and achievements of the government. This is on top of “advertisement spree” Jayalalitha indulged in on the day she completed one year in office by having her photo printed in almost all newspapers in India.
Jayalalitha is not the first one to do it and I am sure she won’t be the last one also. I fail to understand why any government wastes so much public money for such useless advertisements. Will they help them in increasing their popularity? Will it help them garner more votes? Is this the way to let people know the achievements of the government by spending so much money from the state exchequer?
There are so many people who really need help. Instead of spending so much money on such silly advertisement why can’t the government spend this money on poor like our servant maid?
Our servant maid’s husband is diagnosed with some ailment that requires an operation that require close to two lakh rupees. She has gone to the near by government hospital where she was told that they don’t have any resources to do such operation. She cannot afford to take him to any private hospitals as medical bills will be huge. Why can’t government help people like my servant maid by improving the conditions of government hospitals by using the money wasted on these advertisements that won’t do any real good to any one.

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