Sunday, February 19, 2012

Piravom by-election – Predict the winner…

Stage is set for Piravom by-election. Election on March 18th will decide if Chief Minister Oommen Chandy will have a majority of four members or two members in Assembly. The UDF candidate is Anoop Jacob, son of former minister T M Jacob, whose untimely death caused this by-election. The LDF candidate is M J Jacob, who is contesting in Piravom for the third consecutive time. Whom do you think will win this election that has the potential to change the political landscape of Kerala politics?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Negative factors against Congress (UDF).
1. Keralites do not like Ayaram Gayaram politics, which is practiced by Congress through Selvaraj.
2. Railway Budget and its lowest consideration to Kerla. CM and KPPCC President had to say they are unhappy, which is a clear failure from Congress and MPs.
3. Overall performance of UDF ministry is not up to the mark. UDF is already divided over several issues including league 5th ministership, Pillai and Pullai, Congress groupisms etc.
4. Clean and develpomental image of MJ Jacob and his political experience.

So the chance is for MJ Jacob. LDF will win with around 5000 margin. If UDF wins, margin would be less than 500.


March 15, 2012 7:17 PM  

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