Monday, October 03, 2011

Trivandrum’ites - Let us do Vermicomposting

The Trivandrum Corporation, with its main solid waste plant non-operational due to protests by local people, has decided to decentralize the waste management in the city. Corporation of Trivandrum is requesting its residents to use vermicomposting and other novel ideas to manage the waste generated in each house. It is a great step if implemented will do wonders. For example vermicomposting is a proven technology that can be used in each house to biodegrade the organic waste produced by each family.
It is sad to note that some people have opposed this move by Corporation. I think it is due to the ignorance of these concepts that people are opposing it. Take for example vermicomposting – it can be done in your kitchen or in your backyard. Majority of the waste that gets generated in each house can be converted to good quality manure in your house itself.
Here we are trying to explain how easily we can do vermicomposting in your house or in your yard (if you have a yard) through these videos.
Couple of videos on how to make vermicomposting bins.
An Indian example of vermicomposting
Not that tough, right? A small effort by each family will go long way in solving the solid waste disposal issues that has plunged the capital of Kerala. All we need is a strong will to implement what we have just seen. Does Trivandrum’ites have that strong will? Only time will tell.
Meanwhile Kerala government on Gandhi Jayanthi has started a scheme – Suchitotsavam, a year long program aims at making state garbage free. Let us see what results this Suchitotsavam will yield?
(Written with inputs from Dr Pranveer S Satvat, Professor in School of Mechanical and Building Sciences, VIT University.)
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