Friday, September 23, 2011

When (so called) National News Channel Goes Behind TRP...

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I happened to read this piece written by Vijayendra Mohanty where he talks about how the so called national news channels pick and choose the news they want to telecast. He writes
Why exactly do the likes of CNN-IBN, Times Now, and NDTV call themselves “national” channels? All they ever seem to do is dance around the metros and sing about metropolitan concerns. Every broken branch and water-filled pothole in Delhi and Mumbai is flashed as ‘Breaking News’ while LARGE parts of India, especially the villages, remain absent from our TV screens (unless some gross “human rights violation” takes place which city-bred studio pundits can then pontificate on). Heck, when they are not doing politics (which is at least relevant), they would fill in the moments with garbage on celebrities and the occasional brainless sportstar caper, but far be it from them to spare a glance at the rest of the nation. Unless there is a scam (flavour of the season), anything outside of the metros seems undeserving of their attention.
This is exactly what has happened today. A Malayalam movie “Adaminte Makan Abu” was has been named India’s official entry for this year’s Oscars. I went and checked the entire home page of the national news channels NDTV, CNN-IBN and Times Now (10:00 PM IST 23/09/11). There is no reference of this news anywhere in the home page of any of the national channels. Just imagine if a "Bodyguard" or a "Ghajani" or  a "My Name is Khan" starring those Khans or Kapoors has made it to Oscar, what could have been the home page of these channels look like? There will be News Hour dedicated to this, special interviews and so much crap. Now when a regional language movie that don't have big names got nominated for Oscar, they don't even have the courtesy to mention it in their home page.
Here is a well made movie, supported by an amazing performance of Salim Kumar, for which he was selected the best actor, when got nominated for Oscar, gets completely unnoticed. Here is the trailer of the move. At least we bloggers should step in when the national media fails to make people aware of such good movies, right?
Do these National Channel’s have the right to use the word “National”? As Vijayendra Mohanty has put it “Our “national” news channels are national only in that they have their headquarters in the national capital and other national hubs.” 
So called National Channels - Shame on You

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Blogger Balu Krishnan said...

@Brijesh: I was just going to put a status on FB regarding it.

September 23, 2011 9:08 PM  
Anonymous Dr.Love said...

hmm, well said, but why make a fuss when these aint big news neways - except for us mallus!! I was amazed when a pal rang me to say tat adaminte makan abu was nominated!! well, i knew it was jus indias official entry to oscars, and had to explain to him.. The reason why tat pal got excited - flash news and all those cover ups in mallu news channels!!
Fair enuf to Brijesh, felt a bit outlandish about it being jus a ticker line in national news, though, these stuff aint real big ones coz
1) most national news including ndtv 24x7 had it in their entertainment segment.
2) the best picture was selected and hence, no room for contoversies - this keeping in mind that from this year on the national award winner gets the nod rather than the screening and discussing by intellectuals alone!! that said, i really donno how movies like jeans or Rangde basanthi was sent in earlier years!!

September 29, 2011 7:29 PM  

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