Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SMS Numbers Speaking - Idea Star Singer Losing its Popularity

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Idea Star Singer, the reality music show in Asianet is considered to be the most popular reality show in Malayalam. The grand finale of Season 5 was on 24th of September. Kalpana Ragavendra from Chennai, who had the minimum SMS won the 1 crore worth villa. Now this show has entered its sixth season now. 
Is ISS losing its charm? If you compare the SMS received (a yardstick of popularity of these kinds of reality shows) by the five finalists of season IV and season V, it clearly shows that people are getting smarter and sending less SMS. 
See below the screenshot of the number of SMS the finalists got in Season IV finals, that is close to 3,00,000 (this screenshot was taken almost 30 minutes before the phone lines were closed for voting).
Now see the screenshot of this years final almost 20 minutes before the phone lines were closed for voting. A total of 1,80,000 SMS! A reduction of 40% SMS compared to last year. 

Don’t these numbers speak for themselves? Don’t these numbers tell us that people are losing interest in this high power melodrama? What do you guys think?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think they should just stop ISS. The whole show is melodramatic and most of these winners pursue careers outside singing. It is soon turning out to be a publicity gimmick. That said, appreciate that a lot of companies are making crores every week from this show. Looks like it's here to stay.

For the SMSs, I agree that people are losing interest in this drama. Nobody really knows where these numbers are coming from and whether your SMS vote really counts. Beats me why I should send some stranger an SMS vote spending my money - because I want some particular person to live in a villa? I don't get it.


September 28, 2011 8:56 AM  
Blogger Sanjeev said...

y waste time analyzing the popularity of a stupid show?

September 28, 2011 9:08 AM  
Anonymous Dr.Love said...

ya back to back, its jus boring, i never followed ths, but was a real fan of the Amritha Super Star - it really changed the face of reality shows in mallu tellys, keeping in mind that Gandarva Sangeetham was the frst one.. Now tat the blogger has shown some very intrestng data, i wud second him, ths s no better than any other tv series..

September 29, 2011 7:10 PM  
Anonymous Karthick Roy said...

I read a report that Asianet has cheated ISS 4 winner Jobi John. Jobi was supposed to pay a tax of Rs 33 lakhs to acquire the flat he won. As he is unable to pay, Asianet is reported to have cheated Jobi after giving many false promises. Asianet got out of the deal finally and left Jobi at the mercy of the sponsor. The sponsor offered Jobi a flat in Vytilla instead of the villa, on condition that he did not reveal this to the media, and was shown a flat under construction. When he contacted the sponsors recently, he was told that due to the non-availability of workers, the work has been stalled. Whenever Jobi approached Asianet, he was told that it is no longer their responsibility, and asked him to approach the sponsor. It is believed that the tax for the previous winners was paid by the sponsor and Asianet. The value of SMS votes polled by Jobi in the 14 rounds + the grand finale would be enough to pay his taxes.

March 08, 2012 10:20 AM  
Anonymous Vincent Jay said...

I think you got the SMS votes received by the contestants during the grand finale all wrong and your claims are also wrong. Talking about the finals of season 4, you displayed a screenshot and said that it was taken almost 30 minutes before the phone lines were closed for voting. It showed Joby, Sreenath and Preethi having received 186466, 49582 and 18790 votes respectively. In reality, the three received 5,28,878; 1,29,521; and 38,203 votes respectively. The crowd for the finals of season 5 was almost as thick as the crowds for any other finals. Of course, it should be admitted the popularity of ISS has come down considerably. Asianet lost its credibility when it went back on its words and cheated Jobi John. How do you expect the people to trust them any longer?

March 22, 2012 9:36 PM  

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