Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Assembly Election @ Kerala & Tamil Nadu

Assembly Elections in five states – West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Assam - will be held starting from April 13th. Election results will be announced on May 13th. The elections to Kerala and Tamil Nadu assemblies will be held on April 13th. We at Scaling New Heights are planning to have a series of blog posts and other interesting stuffs relating to the elections to Kerala and Tamil Nadu assembly in the coming 40 days. I will be covering the Kerala elections while fellow bloggers of this blog Mayilvahanan and Karthikeyan will do the same for Tamil Nadu. As a first step here is a poll where readers can choose the front that they think will win election in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

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Blogger sankaranarayanapillaik said...

In Kerala polling on Aprol 13. But counting of votes only on May 13. If so they could have conducted the election along with the last phase of West Bengal. Waiting for one month to know the verdict. Even after election we will have a care taker cabinet. Why this. In the era of comuputer and IT why this unnecessary delay. When votes were counted by hand all India election was conducted on a single day.

March 02, 2011 8:43 AM  
Blogger Rajan Alexander said...

Battle for Tamil Nadu: Just How Formidable is the DMK Alliance?

In the 2004 General Elections, an alliance led by the DMK clean swept the state despite being decimated by the AIDMK in the Assembly polls four years earlier. The DMK alliance then included the re-united Congress (after the merger of Tamil Manila Congress with its parent body); the two Communist parties; the PMK and the MDMK. Because the decimation of the opposition was as comprehensive as it could be as reflected in the 40-0 result, 2004 is widely considered by political pundits as the benchmark for the ultimate formidability of the DMK alliance.

In the next General Election in 2009, the DMK alliance lost a good chunk of their formidability with MDMK, PMK, CPI and CPM bolting from its stables to those of AIDMK. Despite this, the DMK alliance still managed to stun pundits by running away with 70% of the seats. Both alliances have expanded their constituent party numbers since 2009 - the number of parties within the AIDMK going up from 5 to 14 and the DMK from 3 to 7.

So how formidable is the present DMK alliance viz-a-viz 2009 and in relation to their rival AIDMK? This is the first post of a series of backgrounder to the Tamil Nadu Assembly Elections

Read More: http://exitopinionpollsindia.blogspot.com/2011/03/battle-for-tamil-nadu-dmk-alliance.html

March 14, 2011 5:39 PM  
Anonymous Santhosh said...

I do not find the right Candidate for me to vote this election...

I am almost Okay with LDF agenda. But I do not want to see a CM who is above 75 years of age. After all, can a aged person cope up with the fast-paced life of a CM? I always find the Achumavan always sleeps in every meeting he chairs. Now-a-day, he even sleeps, while gives interviews!!! Let him have a peaceful retired life.

Similarly, what Gowriamma and MK Raghavan is going to contribute to this state if they become MLAs? You can't even make out what they are speaking. Because of ill-health, they are not even attending the party / UDF meetings.

It is time to kill the smaller pocket parties like that of Mani Congress, TM Jacob Congress, Congress-S, Socialist congress, Balakrishna Pillai Congress, PC Thomas Congress etc. etc. etc.

Similarly, let this election may teach a lesson to the Religious leaders and their clouts. What is this Orthodox Bishops threatening that they will show something, What is Vellapally Guru and NSS shouting? - I know there are few idiots followers for them... One BLIND is leading the other!!!

Thank God, good sense prevailed and Ravi has withdrawn his daughter from Kottayam.

But, I know how certain kids of leading LDF ministers are!!! I am very sure of the corrupt practices and his interferences in certain major procurements and projects of the state. Similarly, almost every Malayalee knows, the influence and the illegal activities of children of Sreemathy Teacher, Kodiyeri and Balan...

Sometimes I feel we must switch over to American style of elections. Today, (in the name of High-Command or Politburo), every political leader believes it is their RIGHT to nominate or recruit their next generation.

Without being in LDF or UDF, there is no chance of BJP coming up in power in another decade in Kerala. Afterall what BJP, they too lost thier values and principles - What can you witness in Karnataka?

Why do we have so many corruption allegations? I know only a person who works can get his hands dirtied!!! Achumavan has not done anything in last five years... Hence, he can vouch for a clean hand. BUT, since he keeps always his eyes closed and sleeps he has not seen what his son does?

On waking up on dreams, he just utter few names like IG Tomin and Balakrishna pillai etc. More than anything, Achumavan is a man with vengeance. He could have been acting in movies or better in kids CARTOONS

Though Pinarayi Vijayan cannot be equated with AK Antony, Omman Chandy or VM Sudeeran, he a man of words... and can get things done like Karunakaran with an iron hand!!

BUT, Whom should I Vote?

March 24, 2011 6:36 AM  

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