Friday, December 31, 2010

Dark Side of Indian News Media

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One thing I always noticed in Indian visual and print media – if they get some sensational news they publish it without taking steps to write or understand both sides of the news. Here is a perfect example. Yesterday few Malayalam channels and some newspaper had reported that Dr Shashi Tharoor has become the brand ambassador for Teachers Scotch Whisky (I never knew that there was a brand called Teachers and thanks to media I learned something new! I saw the same advertisement in Outlook magazine and never knew that it was Whisky). Here is the news report that came in Kairali News Channel, mouthpiece of CPI(M).
Here is the news that came in Metro Vartha (See the last portion of the below news)
The jobless youth wing of the communist party (read DYFI and SFI) who had nothing to say when their own government gave liquor license to so many new bars in Kerala came out strongly against Dr Tharoor without ascertaining the facts. Here is the news about their statement.
Now Dr Tharoor has to come out with a statement in twitter denying everything. Here is his statement.
Dr Shashi Tharoor's office also had a press release against this baseless allegations and here is the press release
Allegations against Tharoor on Teacher's award ad - baseless and motivated. 
We have noted that some channels wih political links are alleging that Dr Shashi Tharoor, MP has appeared in an advertisement as a "brand ambassador" for a liquor company. The charges are completely false and deserve to be dismissed with contempt.
Dr Tharoor, in his capacity as an internationally-respected author, won a 'Teacher’s Achievement Award'  for Communication at a public ceremony in Mumbai, in October, where other eminent Indians were similarly honoured. He was photographed holding the Award trophy and this photograph has appeared in an advertisement congratulating the winners. He has neither agreed to be a "brand ambassador" nor posed for an advertisement for any liquor brand or company. Indeed, liquor was not mentioned at any stage in connection with the award and no endorsement of liquor was implied by any of the winners.

The Teacher’s Achievement Awards have been instituted to honour extraordinary people who have excelled in various fields. First constituted in 2001, the Awards recognize and reward individual excellence and exemplary achievement in the field of Sports, Entertainment, Communication, Business and Lifetime Achievement. The award is done in partnership with KPMG, the leading global audit firm.

The "decade of achievement" event hosted this year saw Shabana Azmi being awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award, Aditya Puri (MD, HDFC Bank) the Achievement Award for Business, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (Actor) the People Magazine Award, Boman Irani (Actor) the Achiever of the Decade for Entertainment, and Pankaj Advani (Billiards Player) the Achievement Award for Sports. Since the award does not have a category that includes politics, no politician has received the award so far. Dr Tharoor was nominated along with four others since the communications category was devoted this year to authors.

Dr Tharoor has neither endorsed any liquor brand nor posed for any advertisement. His photo with the award memento was featured in an advertisement put out to honour the award recipients, which did not include any reference to a liquor product or for that matter any product.

It should also be noted that this year's Teacher's Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Shabana Azmi, noted actor, social activist and former Rajya Sabha MP. She was also featured in a similar advertisement published to honour her achievement. 
The current controversy raised by a few over Dr Tharoor's receiving the Teacher's award, portraying it is as an endorsement of liquor, reveals either ignorance on the background of the award or cheap political cynicism. None of the previous winners, who range from eminent sarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan and poet Gulzar, to ONGC CMD Subir Raha and ICICI Bank Chairperson K.V. Kamath, and respected sportspersons like cricketer Rahul Dravid and badminton champion Saina Nahwal, would ever be accused of endorsing a liquor brand. To suggest that winners of the Teacher's Award endorse whisky is like saying that accepting a Nobel Prize is an endorsement of dynamite, Alfred Nobel's most famous invention whose royalties funded the Nobel Prize.

Eminent Indians formerly associated with the Teacher's Awards include Shyam Benegal (Film Maker), Vinod Mehta (Journalist), Gulzar (Poet & Lyricist), Karan Thapar (Journalist), Pritish Nandy (Journalist), Anupam Kher (Actor), Virendra Singh (Boxer), Saina Nahwal (badminton champion), Dipika Pallikal (Squash Player), Abhinav Bhindra (Olympic Medalist), Anu Agha (Industrialist), Chandra Kochar (ICICI Bank), Raj Kumar Hirani (Film Maker), KV Kamath (Chairman, ICICI Bank), Prasoon Joshi (Ad Man), Karan Johar (Film Maker), Subir Raha (CMD, ONGC), Anjali Bhagwat (Common Wealth Gold Medalist), William Darlymple (Author), Yogesh Chandra Deveshwar (Chairman, ITC), Jug Suraiya (Associate Editor, Times of India),  Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy (Musicians), Rahul Dravid (Cricketer), Major Rajwardhan Rathode (Olympic Medalist), Ustad Amjad Ali Khan (Musician), Naina Lal Kidwai (HSBC Bank), Mahesh Bhupathi (Tennis Player), Yash Chopra (Film Maker) and Jagjit Singh (Singer).

Here is the advertisement that appeared in Outlook Magazine, where Dr Thaoor holds the trophy. There is no mention of whiskey anywhere in it.
Now my question is – Can’t these media people contact the person against whom they are making these allegations to understand the facts before they telecast/write something like this? This is a norm in American media – if an allegation is made against one person/organization the views of that organization/person will definitely be there or at least there will be a statement something like this “so and so person accused in this was not immediately available for comments” or “so and so person does not return his calls”. Isn’t that the right way to report the news?
Indian Media has to go a long way in learning how to report in this era of 24X7 news.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Who is Scared of Vegetable Price Rise?

There are lots of discussion going on about the price of vegetables especially that of onions and tomatoes these days. The price of vegetables do not affect my parents at all. Rarely these days they go out to the market and buy vegetables. Almost all the vegetables they need are cultivated in the backyard and terrace of our house that has about 60 cents of land. Being retired professors of Kerala Agricultural University they already mastered this trade and after retirement putting those into practice. I know I neither have the patience nor skill to do anything close to this nor may never do such things in my life time. My parents can easily afford to buy vegetables from the market but their passion for agriculture makes them cultivate all these crops in our backyard. Here are some of the photos of the crops my parents are growning in our backyard.

Pepper crop creeping in a coconut tree

Elephant Yam ready to cook!

Bitter Gourd



Muringa Leaf

Taro Corms

Winged Bean on the Terrace of our house

Pepper being kept for drying

Lady's Finger


My mother harvesting Winged Beans
Here is a video of my father harvesting a plantain tree.

Hopefully this blog post will serve as an inspiration for few of you to start vegetable garden in your own backyard!
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Leader K Karunakaran At His Best

Leader K Karunakaran is known for his tit-for-tat response to the queries by journalists and excellent speeches aimed at his opponents. The program “Politrics” in Indiavision Channel compiles the speeches and some excellent responses of Leader to the questions from journalist into a twenty minute program “A Tribute to Leader”. A nice one to watch
No one can ever fill the political vacuum created by Leader K Karunakaran in Kerala Politics

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Videos of Homage to Leader K Karunakaran

Huge crowd that came to pay homage to Leader K Karunakaran is unbelievable. The modern Kerala has never seen something like this before. It took over eighteen hours for the vehicle carrying his body to reach Thrissur from Trivandrum. So many people wanted to pay their last respect to their departed leader that the vehicle carrying his body could go only in snail pace. Here is a compilation of videos of events from the time Leader’s death was announced to his cremation in Thrissur. Also are the videos of various people from all walks of life sharing their fond memories of Leader K Karunakaran. 
This video below shows KPCC(I) President Ramesh Chennithala letting the outside world know about the death of Leader K Karunakaran and journey of his body from hospital to his home “Kalyani” in Nanthancode, Trivandrum. Also shown in this video is brief life history of the life of K Karunakaran. 
Here former Chief Minister E K Nayanar’s wife Saradha teacher, film actor Suresh Gopi and politician recollect their association with Leader K Karunakaran.
Former Indian athlete P T Usha remembers Leader K Karunakaran
The police constable Surendran who used to be with Leader on all his visit to Delhi and this personal assistant while he was the Union Commerce Minister Mohanan remembers Leader K Karunakaran
Congress President Mrs Sonia Gandhi paying her last respect to Leader K Karunakaran.
Thousands paying their tribute to Leader K Karunakaran when his body was kept in Darbar Hall of Kerala Secretariat, where he worked as Chief Minister and as State Minister.
Leader K Karunakaran use to visit Lord Krishna Temple in Guruvayoor every month and when ever Leader is there he use to stay in Ramanilayam Guest House. The story Ramanilayam Guest House has to say…
Cartoonists loved him and here is why….
Here are couple of videos showing Leader's funeral

Stay tuned…..More to follow……

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Tribute to Leader K Karunakaran – the Politician I Respect the Most

Leader & I; Taken in his residence "Kottarathil Sasta" in 2005
Join FaceBook Page of This Blog Leader K Karunakaran is no more. Leader died at the age of 92. I was very lucky that I got numerous chances to meet with him and know him more. 
I have great respect for leader K Karunakaran. Let me tell you all why I respect Leader. I started keenly following politics from mid eighties. I have closely observed five Chief Ministers (Karuanakaran, E K Nayanar, A K Antony, Omman Chandy and V S Achuthananthan) and eight governments (5 UDF and 3 LDF). If you ask any one from Kerala to recollect the major industrial developments that happened in Kerala in the last 30 years or so, I am sure the following will surely be in his list- Nedumbassery airport with people’s participation, Kayakulam Thermal Power Plant, Technopark in Trivandrum, Guruvayoor Rail Line to name few. All these developmental activities were initiated when Karunakaran was the Chief Minister.
He had the vision to see that Information Technology was going to be the “buzz” word in the next century (as early in 1991) and he took steps to start Technopark, immediately after Rao - Manmohan Singh opened up the Indian economy. This was much before Chandrababu Naidu, the then CM of Andrapradesh even thought of Hi-Tech City.
Karunakaran envisioned the building of an international airport with money from Non Resident Indians. He showed to the world that NRI’s are ready to invest in Kerala if government comes up with creative projects. For those who think that acquiring land is a big problem in Kerala he was able to acquire around 300 acres of land in Trivandrum for Technopark.
He was the Chief Minister who takes a decision, stick to it and implement it. (Ommen Chandy to me comes close to Leader in this aspect) It was unlike E K Nayanar who allowed most of the decisions to be made from AKG Center or like A K Antony who thinks just about his image or like V.S Achuthananthan who is the weakest Chief Minister Kerala has even seen.
I also feel that Malayalis should always be thankful to him for the steps he took to curb the Naxalite menace in Kerala. Remember that parts of Western and Central India still have naxalite problem, which started through out India in the mid 70s. With an “iron hand” Leader who was then the home minister brought it down. Those people who took law in their hand were dealt with firmly and naxalism died forever in Kerala.
Another important aspect of his leadership is his willingness to defend and support the officials who carry out his orders. When ISRO espionage case was at its peak with every newspaper making up stories after another Leader could have easily put the blame on the police officers like Raman Srivastava and took the political heat out of the allegations. Since he as Chief Minister and Home Minister knew that spy case was the creation of the media and no government official was involved he defended the officials till the end. If it was any other Chief Minister I am sure could have sacrificed the officers to wither the political storm.
Leader & I when I met him in 2007
Congress and UDF owe a lot to Leader for their growth in Kerala. In 1969, Congress has 9 members in the Kerala Assembly with Leader as its Parliamentary leader and with in a decade mainly due to the efforts of Leader could become a leading party in the UDF. The role played by Leader Karunakaran in New Delhi to form a stable government after Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated will always be remembered.
For his minority of detractors he is “Kalla Karunakaran” and “Karunkali Karunakaran” or “Morachi Karunakaran”. For those majority who loves him he is one and only “Leader”. I am sure history will rate him as one of the finest administrator and politician India has ever seen who has dedicated his life for the people of Kerala and India
Leaderji – You will Live in Our Minds Forever; May Your Soul Rest in Peace
A documentary about Leader K Karunakaran aired in Doordarshan.
Here is another short documentary of the life of Leader K Karunakaran
 Here is one of the latest interview leader gave
 Part 2   Part 3  Part 4 Part 5
Video giving details of Leader's death.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Let Us Give P V Narasimha Rao his Share of Credit

The 83th plenary session on Indian National Congress was held at Burari from December 18th to 20th. Everyone attending the plenary session was all praise for Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh for leading the country for the last six years and as the person who changed the face of India by bringing economic liberalization. They all hail the contribution of Dr Manmohan Singh as Finance Minister from 1991-96.
I am very sad to see that whoever is praising Dr Manmohan Singh is not even mentioning the name of P V Narasimha Rao, the former Prime Minister of India, who had the vision to appoint a former Reserve Bank Governor as Finance Minister and give Dr Singh full support to implement the economic policies. Even in the advertisements brought out by the Congress Party prior to elections there was no mention of P V Narasimha Rao. Remember “Jai Ho” advertisements – it mentions the name of all the former Congress Prime Ministers but not the name of P V Narasimha Rao.
Why is Congress party, its leaders and workers neglecting Rao? Has he not done enough as Prime Minister to make them proud? Doesn’t his action as Prime Minister really helped India in her march towards 21st century as a stronger and self sufficient nation?
I have written a blog about P V Narasimha Rao about two years back that I think is still relevant. I am republishing that below. I feel it is time for all of us to give due credit to the contributions of P V Narasimha Rao to India’s development.
One of my family friend’s daughter wrote to me last week that she got 4 jobs in top IT companies in India and asked me if she should take any of them or go for higher studies. This girl has just reached final year of engineering and she has 4 high paying jobs to choose from. This is India of the 21st century. Majority of the students studying for engineering have multiple offers even before completing their course work.
Who was the main architect who “designed” this change? Have we given enough recognition to that man who had the courage to dream about the benefits of economic liberalization and took concrete steps to make that dream a reality? The man I am talking about is P V Narasimha Rao, former Prime Minister of India whose birthday falls in the month of June. This post is a tribute to this great politician who according to me was a true visionary a rare breed in Indian politics these days.
When Narasimha Rao took over as the 12th Prime Minister of India heading a minority Government, he was facing the worst economic crisis since independence. India was about to default in her international commitment to pay back the debts, the previous Government led by S Chandrasekhar had to pledge gold to pay the debts and inflation was going out of control. Narasimha Rao was about to retire from politics when fate – in the tragic form of assassination of Rajiv Gandhi – made him the Prime Minister of India.
Once he was elected the Prime Minister of India what was the first thing he did – having been part of the Government for more than two decades he could understand the gravity of the economic crisis facing the nation and appointed a bureaucrat Dr Manmohan Singh as his Finance Minister. He had an option to choose from a long list of senior Congress leaders as Finance Minister – Sharad Pawar, Arjun Singh, Madhav Rao Scindia, N D Tiwari to name a few. But he selected a non politician at the crucial juncture of Indian history. For me this one decision by Rao changed the face of the country. All of us – the generation in the early 20’s to mid 30’s - who are enjoying the fruits of economic liberalization like a very good job, with a fat pay check or so many job offers from different countries – we should be thankful to this great man. If Rao had appointed another politician and did not do anything to open up the economy we may not have seen all these economic growth happening in India now.
Rao not only appointed Dr Singh as the Finance Minister but also gave him all the political support he needed to push his reforms. This political support from Rao was very important for Dr Singh as that Government was in a minority for most of its term. The importance of political support from Rao (who was the Prime Minister as well as AICC President at that time) can be gauged by the fact that Dr Singh as Prime Minister was struggling to push the economic reforms as he is not getting enough political support from his party bosses and Left parties.

Rao has excelled in other fields also as the Prime Minister. His Government is instrumental in bringing peace back in Punjab. In the defense front he made all the ground work to make India a nuclear power – even though credit of actual nuclear test went to his successor Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
The only real black spot in Rao’s tenure according to me happened on December 6th 1992, when Hindu fundamentalists (read RSS and BJP) demolished the Babri Masjid mosque in Ayodhya. This incident will always remain as a black mark in the secular credentials of India. Rao failed to foresee that demolition was going to happen. I believe we can forgive him for this mistake he committed after considering all the good things he had done for our country.
At the fag end of his term, Rao was subjected to cruel media witch hunt. I remember reading in newspapers, pages and pages of stories about the various corruption and omissions committed by Rao (St Kitts forgery scandal, Lakhubhai Pathak cheating scandal, JMM bribery scandal to name few). He was painted a villain by the print and visual media. Even though he was cleared of all the charges by the highest court of the land he had to live with these allegations for the rest of his life.
Considering all the contributions Narasimha Rao has given to India’s development, especially to its growth as a major economic force in the world, I believe his name should be on par with great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. If Nehru and Gandhiji fought for India’s freedom from British I believe Rao fought and won the “economic freedom” – fruits of which we all are enjoying. So let us all pay a glowing tribute to him and remember this great man at the time when Congress has retained power at the Center.
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snippets from Our Indian Sojourn

This blog post is for my American friends who have never lived in India. If you have lived/living in India you may have experienced/seen all of these, several times. But for those who have never been to India, this might sound really interesting. These are some of the instances where I have felt “Things work/are different in US”.
My wife and a colleague of her were going together to a temple. Initially this was the conversation between them.
My Wife (D): Madam, How often do you go to temple?
Colleague (A): Every Friday
D: That is great
A: There is a special pooja (worship) every Friday and you need to pay Rs 500 every week to attend that pooja.
D: That is costly
A: It is a powerful pooja. So giving that money is worth it.
Now their conversation turned into other things on the way to the temple.
A: You now have a servant in the house, right?
D: Yes
A: How much do you pay her?
D: XXXX per month
A: That is Rs 100 more than we all pay to our servant. Why are you paying her more?
D: She is from a very poor family and is badly in need of money. Also she does a really good work.
A: If my servant comes to know about it, she may also demand more money. Please don’t do it.
D: This is our way of serving GOD, mam.
That lady was not happy but did not reply back… We talk a lot of helping poor people by rarely do anything, right?
My wife had to go out of town for few days to attend a conference leaving the baby at home with me and my mother. Typically we take out our baby to the garden in front of our apartment to give her food as she won’t eat that much if she is inside the apartment. Now the day my wife was away I took my daughter outside to give her food. Every one walking past me was looking at me as if they are seeing some strange happening. The ladies who saw me where showering sympathy on me through their expressions. A lady who knows my wife was out of town came and talked to me.
Lady (L): Poor Chap; It is a mother’s duty to give food to the child. How irresponsible your wife is leaving the kid with you and making you give food to the baby.
Me: Our daughter does not make that distinction and likes both of us giving her food
That lady utters the following and leaves…
L: Still a father giving food to a 1 year old taking her around is bad
India is a democratic country and everyone has the right to have their own opinion, right?
To get a landline or a gas connection or to open a bank account or a matter of fact anything – the amount of paperwork you have to do and the numbers of times you have to visit that place before things set right are beyond words to explain. The other day we went to State Bank of India (SBI) to transfer the bank account of my wife from H to K branch of SBI. Here is the conversation that happened between the manager of the bank and my wife on the first day of our visit.
Manager (M): Good Morning
My Wife (D): Good Morning
M: What do you want, madam?
D: Sir, I want to transfer my SBI bank account from H to K branch
M: Have you brought your existing passbook?
D: Yes Sir, here it is.
Manager enters the account number and gets all the details including the balance in the account in his screen. Now the conversation continues
M: Do one thing; write a letter addressed to Bank Manager of H branch of SBI requesting for transfer of account. I will sign that letter and send it by mail to the H office.
D: So you need to send an email to H branch requesting transfer of account?
M: No, The application you are writing will be send in ordinary post and other manager from H has to process the request and send us back a letter with that permission.
D: How long will it take?
M: Maximum of 10 days.
D: You can’t email H branch or call them?
M: Sorry madam, this is the procedure and we have to follow it.
I must tell you that the manager was a really nice guy. He was just following the normal procedure.
Now after about 15 days my wife goes to the bank again
D: Sir, I came here few days back to transfer the account from H to K
M: Yes, I remember… In fact I got the reply from the bank manager from H that your account has been transferred.
D: So are there any more formalities?
M: Yes… Now you need to fill in an application form here and also you should bring the address proof and two photos
D: We have both with us
M: Now fill this application... It has around 10 pages
My wife takes that application and fills the form. Now she goes back to the manager. Manager enters all the details she wrote into the system and took two prints out of the completed application forms.
M: Here is your copy and one copy is for our records. Please sign in both
D: When you have electronic records why you need to keep paper copy as records?
M: Even though we have every record online, whatever we do we need to keep a paper record also. That is our bank policy.
D: So everything you do, you need to have a record in the software and also on paper. Isn’t that duplication of work?
M: Madam, that is the procedure and we have to follow it!
Now you know why more and more people are not going to nationalized bank any more.
I plan to update this page with more such instances as and when I come across them.
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Compilation of Sachin Tendulkar’s Test Centuries (Thanks to YouTube)

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I was watching some videos of Sachin Tendulkar in YouTube the other day and soon I started watching videos of the little master scoring century after century. This was when this thought came to my mind to compile all the Test innings of Tendulkar where he scored a century that is there in YouTube. I could compile videos for 21 out of his 49 hundreds. I am putting this in public domain so that others can help me find out the remaining YouTube videos of centuries made by one of the best cricketers world has ever seen so that I can put all of them here. Thanks for the help and enjoying watching.
Century No 1 – 119* vs England at Manchester, 9th August 1990
Century No 2 – 148* vs Australia at Sydney, 2nd January 1992
Century No 3 – 114 vs Australia at Perth, 1st February 1992
Century No 4 – 111 vs South Africa at Johannesburg, 26th November 1992
Century No 5 – 165 vs England at Chennai, 11th February 1993
To be updated...
Century No 6 – 104* vs Sri Lanka at Colombo, 27th July 1993
To be updated...
Century No 7 – 142 vs Sri Lanka at Lucknow, 18th January 1994
To be updated...
Century No 8 – 179 vs West Indies at Nagpur, 1st December 1994
To be updated...
Century No 9 – 122 vs England at Birmingham, 6th June 1996
Century No 10 - 177 vs England at Nottingham, 4th July 1996
To be updated...
Century No 11 - 169 vs South Africa at Cape Town, 2nd January 1997
Century No 12 - 143 vs Sri Lanka at Colombo, 2nd August 1997
To be updated...
Century No 13 -139 vs Sri Lanka at Colombo, 9th August 1997
To be updated...
Century No 14 – 148 vs Sri Lanka at Mumbai, 3rd December 1997
To be updated...
Century No 15 – 155 vs Australia at Chennai, 6th March 1998
Century No 16 – 177 vs Australia at Bangalore, 25th March 1998
To be updated...
Century No 17 – 113 vs News Zealand at Wellington 26th December 1998
Century No 18 – 136 vs Pakistan at Chennai, 28th January 1999
Century No 19 – 124* vs Sri Lanka at Colombo (SSC), 24th February 1999
To be updated...
Century No 20 – 126* vs News Zealand at Mohali, 10th October 1999
To be updated...
Century No 21– 217 vs News Zealand at Ahmedabad, 29th October 1999
To be updated...
Century No 22 – 116 vs Australia at Melbourne, 26th December 1999
Century No 23 – 122 vs Zimbabwe at Delhi, 18th November 2000
To be updated...
Century No 24 – 201* vs Zimbabwe at Nagpur, 25th November 2000
To be updated...
Century No 25 – 126 vs Australia at Chennai, 18th March 2001
Century No 26 – 155 vs South Africa at Bloemfontein, 3rd November 2001
Century No 27 – 103 vs England at Ahmedabad, 11th December 2001
To be updated...
Century No 28 – 176 vs Zimbabwe at Nagpur, 21st February 2002
To be updated...
Century No 29 – 117 vs West Indies at Port of Spain, 19th April 2002
To be updated...
Century No 30 – 193 vs England at Leeds, 22nd August 2002
Century No 31 – 176 vs West Indies at Kolkata, 30th October 2002
To be updated...
Century No 32 – 241* vs Australia at Sydney, 2nd January 2004
Century No 33 – 194* vs Pakistan at Multan, 28th March 2004
To be updated...
Century No 34 – 248* vs Bangladesh at Dhaka, 10th December 2004
To be updated...
Century No 35 – 109 vs Sri Lanka at Delhi, 10th December 2005
Century No 36 – 101 vs Bangladesh at Chittagong, 18th May 2007
To be updated...
Century No 37 – 122* vs Bangladesh at Dhaka, 25th May 2007
To be updated...
Century No 38 – 154* vs Australia at Sydney, 2nd January 2008
Century No 39 – 153 vs Australia at Adelaide, 24th January 2008
Century No 40 – 109 vs Australia at Nagpur, 6th November 2008
Century No 41 – 103* vs England at Chennai, 11th December 2008
Century No 42 – 160 vs News Zealand at Hamilton, 18th March 2009
Century No 43 – 100* vs Sri Lanka at Ahmadabad, 16th November 2009
To be updated...
Century No 44 – 105* vs Bangladesh at Chittagong, 17th January 2010
Century No 45 – 143 vs Bangladesh at Dhaka, 24th January 2010
Century No 46 – 100 vs South Africa at Nagpur, 6th February 2010
To be updated...
Century No 47 – 106 vs South Africa at Kolkata, 14th February 2010
To be updated...
Century No 48 – 203 vs Sri Lanka at Colombo (SSC), 26th July 2010
Century No 49 – 214 vs Australia at Bangalore, 9th October 2010
Century No 50 - 100* vs South Africa  at Centurion, 19th December 2010
Century No 51 - 146 vs South Africa  at Cape Town, 4th January 2011
Will be updated soon...
Hope Sachin scores more Test centuries before retiring from International cricket.
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