Saturday, November 06, 2010

"Tastes" of Kerala

Anthony Bourdain in this program “No Reservations” (aired in Travel Channel) takes us through the various yummy foods of Kerala. Anthony starts his journey from Kochi having food from a local shop that includes beef curry, fish curry and fried quail. Then he goes to the shooting location of the Malayalam movie “Pokkiri Raja” and has a traditional lunch with Malayalam film actor Mammotty. Anthony’s next stop is a toddy shop where he is having a delicious fish head curry with cassava. Only thing he do not like there is the Toddy! Here is the first part of the three videos. 
Anthony goes to a fast food center and orders the most delectable item in the menu – extra spicy beef biriyani. Good to see a westerner eating such spicy food. He explores the beauty of a village tea-shop throwing light into its history. Also Anthony visits a village where the villagers make a particular type of utensil. He ends this video having a traditional sadhya (feast) that is typical for any Hindu marriage in this part of the world.
The third part is boat ride in a “Kettuvallam” (a traditional boat of Kerala) and having a sumptuous dinner and ends with a oyster meal.
I have eaten all that Anthony had showed in “No Reservations” at some point of time in my life and my favorites were fried quail and spicy fish head curry!

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