Friday, October 01, 2010

ENDHIRAN – Call it a Showpiece of Indian Cinema

There was a festive mood all around the theatre that was showing Endhiran, the latest from the superstar Rajinikanth by the time we reached the theatre in Vellore. Movie started by 8 AM and as usual lots and lots of whistling and shouting. There was a special mention for VIT which brought huge applause from the VIT students in the crowd (a small part of the movie was shot in VIT).  Endhiran movie is made for Rajinikanth and the only actor who can do justice to this movie is Rajini and Rajni alone. It is Rajinikanth all the way, both as the scientist and the Robot. His acting is really superb and his age has not diminished any of his powerful mannerisms.
Endhiran has everything – comedy, action, sentiments and more important a story. Children will love this movie and if you have children aged three or above they will enjoy it better than you. It is a complete family movie with presence of Rajanikanth all over it.
First half is awesome, it went lighting fast. Second half was non stop action with some scenes never seen before in Indian cinema. The climax is the best part of the movie. If you don’t watch it you are missing something.
Songs were a visual treat but some of the songs did not match to the flow of the story. But the way the songs were taken – mind blowing.
Rajinikanth was at his best through out the movie. It was tough to believe that he was over sixty seeing any of those scenes. Aishwarya has lived to the tag why she is considered to be the most beautiful women in the world. She was breathtaking in the first half and the screen chemistry between Aishwarya and Rajinikanth was great.
Every technician has done his job to perfection – that is expected when each one of them is world class. This movie is definitely different from other Shankar movies. Like other Rajinikanth movies you can watch the movie many times, you will like it every time. This movie has “Super hit” written all over it from the scene one.
Endhiran is a different experience, it is not a movie alone, and everyone will miss “Chitti Robot” once the movie is over.It is no doubt Endhiran is going to be a yardstick each director wants to overtake for long time to come. 

(This post was written by Kaarthi Selvan, an alumnus of VIT.)

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