Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Back to Watching News in Doordarshan – OLD is GOLD

What do I hate watching most in television these days? The answer is very simple – those 24x7 news channels in English and Malayalam. They all just suck big time. I rarely watch television but when I watch I have made it a point not to see these channels. In the race to increase the viewership of their channel they distort and sensationalize the news so much that most news is so far from truth. News that happened say 24 hours ago is“breaking news” for most channels if there is no other news to be made “breaking news”.
If someone makes an allegation against someone who is occupying a high office, the news channels will take up the role of judges and pass the verdict against them. Seeing the way news channels come to conclusion on many issues, I think, why we need to have a judiciary and other branches of government. Every day to test the patience of the viewers there will be this lengthy “panel discussions” on the stories or “breaking news” they follow that day. They claim the panel is made of experts but even after an hour long discussion, I never get anything new from these discussions. One guy will talk in active voice while the next one will repeat the same in passive voice. Everyone in the discussion panel will try to make a point at the same time reminding us of the same pandemonium we regularly see in parliament. In short a total waste of time for those who see those programs.
Malayalam news channels are even worst. Reporting of news in most of the channels is very biased. Not only that, copying from the English News channels, for anything and everything, they have live reporting. The questions and the answers are so substandard that I am not sure how the people are able to tolerate such shit. I always think seeing the live reporting within the news – even for news with very little significance why is there live reporting and why does the news reader ask so many questions? Why can’t they call the reporter who is present at that place a few minutes before the news time/talk show and make the news reader read it? Why do they have to torture the audience like this?
So I made a decision – I am not going to watch any news channel in any language any more. Also, one day I was just going from one channel to another in my TV when I happened to see our own Doordarshan. The English news was about to start. After a long time I got the feeling that I got to hear some unadulterated news in Indian television with no masala. Twenty minutes of national, international and sports news with relevant visuals – the same format it used to be when I used to watch Doordarshan in early nineties. Watching that news, we get to know the important news around the world and India and it is for us to do the analysis and make a judgment. After that day I decided – if at all I am going to watch news in television – it is going to be only from Doordarshan
OLD IS GOLD, right?

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Blogger DEEPU said...

ippozhenkilum bodham udichallo....
always doordarsan is good channel not only for news...but other prgms especially documentries,classic films like kadavu...etc...etc..
pakshe nw they have also started imitating other private channels.... ethucheyyana..

August 08, 2010 7:38 PM  

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