Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Let us Think “We” and Not “I”

We went to this flat in Hyderabad few days ago. It’s an hour drive from Secunderabad and it was in a place that was full of rocks where I could see lot of flats and each one was at least 15 storeys tall. We went inside the flat and it looked gorgeous. Couple of rooms was air-conditioned and furniture in that flat looked marvelous. This guy was telling us about how much the flat has appreciated since he bought it and the money he may get by selling that now.
After having a cup of tea we step outside the flat thinking that we could see other flats in the same complex. We came back in less than five minutes. The reason – we were attacked by so many mosquitoes. The owner of the flat was complaining to us that government was not doing anything to control the mosquitoes other than spraying some chemical to kill them once in a blue moon – a method that seems very inefficient according to the owner.
As we were coming back to the flat I saw the stairway and corridor in pretty bad conditions with trash all around and walls were full of spitting. I asked the owner why the corridor and stairway were in such a bad condition, his reply was “I don’t care; the stairway and corridor is not my property”
Am I shocked at that answer? No, why? Here is a typical Indian attitude for you, never thinking about the society he lives in, but only about him. He fails to understand that his overall well being is dependent on the well being of the society around him.
Now we continued our talk. Seeing lot of mosquitoes and seeing the condition of the corridor I asked him where he disposes off the waste generated from his flat. He told me that all those are dumped into the open land just adjacent to their flat. Now I understood the reason for the mosquitoes. Now the waste he dumps in the open area becomes the breeding ground for mosquitoes and the mosquitoes come back and bite him and all the occupants of that flat. If he and other occupants of that flat think about “society” as a whole and take steps to prevent dumping of waste in the adjacent land can’t they control the mosquito problem? Do they have to depend on the government to step in to solve a problem created by them alone?
Thinking about the society as a whole is key to the overall development of the country. If every one of us starts giving importance to the well being of our society India will be a better place to live. Take for example driving, there are lot of accidents and traffic jams and the reason - Lot of us don’t obey traffic rules. Why? Again because we think about us and not about the society, right? There are lots of examples like this if we look around. Isn’t high time to change this attitude in us?
BTW after returning from US, Deepa and I have made a resolution that we won’t throw trash out at open places even during travelling and we will dispose it off properly. It is more than a month and we were able to keep our resolution intact with not much difficulty. Our attempt is to “practice what we preach”, to protect the environment and contribute to the welfare of the society.
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Blogger Sriram said...

This attitude is something that irritates one to wits end. Of course why such an attitude developed is an entirely different story. But i think the best bet is to sensitise the young gen towards responsibility as a society and instill in them the need to care for public places and why it is important for us. Pointing your nose to the sky and saying oh these unwashed natives are primitive and yet throw wrappers from your chocolate by young ones is a sad truth and that is where it has to be tackled. Majority of our population is under 30 and we have to ensure that they realise what a difference it can make to their own lives.

July 06, 2010 7:40 PM  
Blogger keralafarmer said...

Mosquito's larva is growing in pure/dirty water and heard about that they are various types. Any way small fishes can control them in water itself. The organic waste and drainage waste including water with organic manure to be used for organic recycling to maintain our food again. We are eating approximately 1.25 kg per day and after that what we are doing? We are using the facility provided by the corporation or municipality to maintain it. The usage of thin plastic carry bags, used battery, containers of pesticides etc are with them. If they are separated from this before preparing compost the chemical content will be available in the compost which will enter into human body through food chain. The responsibility of each individual to maintain our soil, water and air is an important one. Every body thinks of the cleaning their houses, yards etc and trying to throw the waste in agricultural fields at the sides of roads. What a cruelty with that farmer who have to produce vegetables, fruits etc for human use?

July 07, 2010 1:41 AM  
Anonymous KRJ said...

what is ur solution to the trash problem that u have highlighted here?

July 09, 2010 8:01 PM  
Blogger Brijesh Nair said...

If one can afford such an expensive apartment, they should spend some money to properly dispose off the waste generated in their house.

July 12, 2010 5:08 AM  
Anonymous KRJ said...

"Properly dispose off the waste generated in their house". This is the nice answer but of no use :)

Ur bypassing the issue, obviously you dont have an answer.
FYI:It the job of the city to provide these services.

So as per your reply people in slums can throw the waste any where? :) since they cant afford big houses.

Pointing fingers at people is very ez, fundamentally you have to assume rational behavior of human beings. Everybody has a reason for what they are doing.

July 20, 2010 8:05 PM  

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