Monday, June 14, 2010

The Real Power of Communication Revolution in India

Who told latest advances in the field of communication are only for the rich and middle class people? After being back in India, I have seen quiet a few examples with my own eyes how phenomenal communication revolution happening in India has helped the poor.
We wanted to have a maid servant in our new quarters at Vellore daily for couple of hours. We told the security officer at our quarters of our need and he promised us that he will find someone by next day and send her to us. The very next day a maid came and we told her what all we wanted her to do daily and what time we want her to come.
The maid agreed to all those and before she left she told us “If you need my help any other time please give me a call in my cell phone. My number is XXX-XXX-XXXX”. To my amusement she told the digits of the phone number in English. Here is a lady who has never gone to school and never had any formal education in English giving her cell phone number to us in English. Out of my curiosity I asked her in Tamil “How come you know your phone number in English?” She replied “Sir, I work in many places where the people don’t know Tamil. I have to give my cell phone number to those people also. So I learned my cell phone number in English”.
To understand if the cell phone has really helped her I asked her “Has the cell phone really helped you?” She was quick to respond “Yes sir, I have work everyday, thanks to cell phone. I have given my number to a lot of people and if some work comes – say cleaning the house after a big party they will call me in the cell phone. Earlier no such work came my way. There are days I work three or four different places after receiving a call on my cell phone. Since incoming calls are free I don’t pay much to maintain the cell phone but get lots of work. Whoever discovered this is God to me!”
This lady symbolizes the changing India – India where an invisible revolution is happening due to the advances in communication technologies. This lady is not alone – I have seen fisherwomen, small scale vegetable sellers, cab drivers to name a few – all benefiting from the use of cell phones in India. Hoping that, with the use of technology, more and more people living below the poverty line and lower middle class will get themselves elevated to middle class in India.
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Anonymous Sara said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. With technology is soaring now a days people will benefit some of it and make things easier.

November 27, 2011 1:10 AM  

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