Monday, April 05, 2010

IPL will Bring Professionalism to Kerala Cricket – Vinan G Nair

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Kerala has a new IPL team. The new IPL team is expected to change the face of cricket in Kerala. As part of the series in my blog of interviewing various players in Kerala cricket team, here is an interview with wicket keeper of Kerala Cricket team Vinan G Nair (VN) to know his reaction to the new Kerala IPL team.
Kerala is getting a new IPL team. When you first heard that news what was your reaction?
VN: First reaction was of course surprise as the media was reporting that Kochi was not in the race and of course like all I was thrilled to hear the news.
Dr Shashi Tharoor, the brain behind bringing IPL to Kerala was quoted as saying that lot of Kerala players will be given chance to play in Kerala IPL team. Are you looking forward to playing IPL-4?
VN: Yes I am and I expect many more from Kerala to be  part of the team.
You have been playing for Kerala for few years now. What positive changes will happen to Kerala Cricket with the introduction of Kerala IPL team?
VN: IPL is regarded as a shortcut to the National team as the event is watched world wide. IPL will bring along lots of fortune and fame which will be a motivation for lots of youngsters to take up the game seriously. This will also bring a professional approach to our players, which was lacking.
Performance of Kerala team was really bad last season in Ranji Trophy. What went wrong?
VN: Combination of various factors - hostile playing conditions (seaming which we are not used to) and most of the players hitting the bad patch at the same time.
Lot of youngsters like Manish Pandey, M Gony to name few came to national reckoning after performing well in IPL. Do you think that some players from Kerala also will get into the national reckoning by performing well for Kerala IPL team? 
VN: Any one performing in any team will get attention; consistency in performance will always be rewarded.
When IPL first season started did you ever thought that Kerala will get an IPL team and Kerala players can play along with greatest names of world cricket watched by millions of people across the world?
VN: Not even in my wildest dreams.
Correct me if I am wrong. Except Sreesanth no Kerala player is playing in any of the IPL team. We have lot of talented players but why is no one in any of the IPL team?
VN: None of our players performed consistently in the last 3 seasons may be that is the reason.
Do you think we will see more Kerala Players representing India because of IPL team from Kerala?
VN: As i told earlier..... Consistent performance is needed from Kerala players if they need to represent India.
Auction of teams will take place in few months. Do you dream of playing alongside any particular overseas player/s?
VN: Brian Lara, Sachin , Adam Gilchrist
Tinu Yohannan, Sreesanth - two Kerala players to play for India. Who from the present lot of players do you think will make it to Indian team after Sreesanth?
VN: Lot of talent is there, naming any one won’t be appropriate.... but talent alone won’t take them to heights.... only performance.
What role do you see for Sreesanth in Kerala IPL team?
VN: Sree is a very positive guy, when he is around we can feel the difference and I have seen him expressing his desire about the Kerala IPL team and motivating guys to work harder.
Coming away from IPL, you had a major surgery few months back. How are you recovering from it? Will you be fit to play the next season?
VN: I will start to play competitive cricket from June.... I am recovering well.
Any thoughts about retirement?
VN: Not yet; I was ranked as the 3rd fittest in the Ranji team... So I think I can go on and also did keep really well... only conceding 3 byes after keeping for 500 overs and only missed one chance this entire season...
Will be back with more IPL news and interviews...

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