Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sreesanth has Big Role to Play in Kerala IPL Team – Sreekumar Nair

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Kerala has a new IPL team. The new IPL team is expected to change the face of cricket in Kerala. I am starting a new series in my blog – interviewing various players in Kerala cricket team to know their reaction to the IPL team and prospects of the team.
In the first part of the interview, I interviewed the senior most player of Kerala cricket team, Sreekumar Nair. Sreekumar Nair has played for Under 19 Indian world cup team and was selected to the India A team to play against England in 2003 Sreekumar also played for the India Green in the Challenger Trophy in 2005. He holds the record as the first and only Kerala player to score a triple century in first class cricket. Here is the interview with Sreekumar Nair (SN).
Kerala is getting a new IPL team. Dr Shashi Tharoor, the brain behind bringing IPL to Kerala was quoted as saying that lot of Kerala players will be given chance to play in Kerala IPL team. Are you looking forward to playing IPL-4?
SN - Its really great to have an IPL team from Kerala. Definitely I am looking forward to this opportunity when provided.
You have been playing for Kerala for a few years now. What positive changes will happen to Kerala Cricket with the introduction of Kerala IPL team?
SN - I think this is the best thing that has happened to Kerala cricket in the last couple of years. Hopefully Kerala will be able to produce a couple of good allrounders and batsmen as well to Indian cricket.
Performance of Kerala team was really bad last season in Ranji Trophy. What went wrong?
SN - Yes unfortunately it was the worst cricketing season I have experienced in my career till date. I think it was a combination of elements that contributed to the debacle. I cannot pinpoint on someone individual or the management, but yes I think as a whole we have learnt quite a few lessons and hopefully this would not be repeated again.
Lot of youngsters like Manish Pandey, M Gony to name a few, came to national reckoning after performing well in IPL. Do you think that some players from Kerala also will get into the national reckoning by performing well for Kerala IPL team? 
SN - There is definitely a great chance of some players to come into national reckoning with their stint in IPL-4 onwards.
When IPL first season started did you ever thought that Kerala will get a IPL team and Kerala players can play along with greatest names of world cricket watched by millions of people across the world?
SN - To be frank no, I only knew that there was an outside chance, but yes I am really excited to see that at last we have a team from Kerala. I and other Kerala players are looking forward to play with the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Hayden, Muralitharan, Warne, Gilchrist, Dhoni and others. If given a chance I could love to be a part of this and show the world what we are made of....
Correct me if I am wrong. Except Sreesanth no Kerala player is playing in any of the IPL team. We have lot of talented players but why is no one in any of the IPL team?
SN - I think it is the team owners and their selectors whom you should ask this question. Definitely we have quite a few talents out here.
Do you think we will see more Kerala Players representing India because of IPL team from Kerala?
SN - Yes. There is a very good chance.
Auction of teams will take place in few months. Do you dream of playing alongside any particular player/s?
SN – Yes, the very god of contemporary cricket....Sir Sachin Tendulkar and also my close pals, our own Tinu Yohannan and Sreesanth. I just wish that Steve Waugh still played cricket – I am a very big fan of him....but can’t help it. He has already left cricket.
Tinu Yohannan, Sreesanth - two Kerala players to play for India. Who from the present lot of players do you think will make it to Indian team after Sreesanth?
SN - I don’t want to name anyone and put pressure on them. But certainly there are a few who can make a mark for themselves in international cricket. Hope I am proved right. That is it.
What role do you see for Sreesanth in Kerala IPL team?
SN - He has a very big role to play. See he is the only guy from Kerala who knows what it takes to be successful at international cricket. He will have to be the guiding force and mentor of the players who will ultimately get a chance to play IPL4.
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Blogger AJ said...

I think what SN answered for the last question is correct. Only Sreesanth has some experience of international cricket and also 20-20 format especially IPL. None of the other kerala players have that exposure he has got. So he can very well act the role of a mentor, advisor, etc etc.. but he is not fit to be the captain of a team. not even in the Ranji trophy level. He is so immature and gets carried away on emotions. This will definitely affect assertiveness and critical thinking abilities when decisions has to be made.
I would like to see someone like Dravid or Raina as captain..

March 31, 2010 7:32 AM  
Blogger Kannan Born²Win said...

My self vidhyashankar Playing gally circket in mumbai and also for Coroprate teams.I would like to play for kerala though I am purely from Thrissur, Guruvayour. If any body has any information about the player audition please let me know.

April 08, 2010 6:18 AM  

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