Friday, January 15, 2010

The Inconceivable Kurt Warner

These days I have become a great fan of Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Kurt Warner. Even at the age of 37, the way he plays amazes me. His life story is a source of inspiration for anyone wanting to achieve big in life. Working in a grocery shop for just $5.5 an hour to playing in Arena Football League to Superbowl – this man has seen it all. This video nicely sums up the career of Kurt Warner till now.

It is always tough to compile the top 10 moments of a great player like Kurt Warner. But this video does great justice in doing so of Kurt Warner, the player.

Kurt Warner, a firm believer in Jesus talks about his faith and God in this video.

Kurt Warner had an incredible last week where he threw more touch downs than incomplete passes, a truly incredible performance. See the agility and accuracy in the video of that play-off match between Arizona Cardinals and Green Bay Packers.

Best of Luck to Kurt Warner!

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