Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Know Dr Shashi Tharoor Dil Se! – Through his Tweets

Dr Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State for External Affairs is the most popular tweeple from India. He has over 370,000 followers as I write this post and the number is increasing every hour. Dr Tharoor tweets about everything under the sun that includes his hobbies and his various interests. Here is a collection of some of the questions asked by other tweeple and Dr Tharoor’s answer that throw a lot of light on the other side of Dr Tharoor – the person in him.

@ShashiTharoor What's your favorite #mallu food?

@Sanju1 idli, ulli samandi, bean or cabbage thoran, molakushyam, inji-puli (but I eat far more than those - veg sadya is my favourite meal!)

@ShashiTharoor Do u have superfast reading speed? Or u spend a lot of time? How can one become voracious reader like u?

@sudhirkhanger just do it! The more u read the faster your reading speed becomes

@ShashiTharoor From UN Under Secretary to Minister of State, has life changed for good or worse? (as you said there isnt any bad questns.)

@SusMee both. Loss of privacy, autonomy, freedom & time. But grt oppty for public service. U can make a difference to yr own people's lives

@ShashiTharoor Do u gt time to 'write' these days? ...and also to read one of ur intrviews, u mentioned that u read 365 books in a yr

@rajeshwaran only one yr, when i was 12! Too little time to read these days, let alone write

@ShashiTharoor Sorry to hear that. I know all about penfriends. I think teenagers only have tx buddies now (they avg 4000 txts a mnth).

@abhadawesar true, Abha, but no one will remember a text font the way they remember a distinctive handwriting

@ShashiTharoor Which one would you pick ? Money or happiness?

@deeshchauhan happiness -- wouldn't you? what use is money without happiness?

@ShashiTharoor I liked 'India after Gandhi' and 'Indian summer'... which u think is a good precede to make trilogy of its own on subject?

@SanjayChavda Indian Summer is fun read. Freedom at Midnight is even racier! For good pre-indep history, read the 2 vol Penguin Hist of Ind

@ShashiTharoor Hello sir, i wanted to know what r ur hobbies? N do u listen to music? Wat kind of music do u like?

@anubhuti24 little time for hobbies: cricket, theatre, reading. Music:Hindi film songs frm my childhood (1960s to mid70s!), Westrn classical

@ShashiTharoor Came acrss ur '5 dollar smile' stry. Amazing vocblry n idea for a teenager. u seem to hv had a liking for big wrds. Hadn't u?

@blitzkriegz you're right. young people enjoy discovering new big words and inevitably relish using them!

@ShashiTharoor Hello Sir, is it true that you once read a book a day for a whole year? Heard about it in the grapevine. Baseless rumor?

@bluegrass_rocks no, true, but i was 12 and i wouldn't do it again -- with reading, quality always trumps quantity

@ShashiTharoor do you ever get a free Sunday?

@vasantnath a free Sunday? what's that??!

@ShashiTharoor Sir, Are Kanishk and Ishaan identical twins?

@sandersvs no, Ishaan and Kanishk are fraternal twins, not identical. But they've been each other's biggest influence, so lotsa similarities

@ShashiTharoor when was the last time you visited Kerala prior to Election campaigning?? where is your hometown???

@akashdgm visited kerala every month aftr lvng UN in Apr 07 (once a yr before that). Home town is now Tvm, home village is still Elavanchery

@ShashiTharoor What are your fav. eating joints in Delhi when you are not at all these dinners? Just curious :)

@shradhac Too many! From Italian khana at Diva in GK-II to golgappas at Bengali Sweet House in Bengali Market

@ShashiTharoor Do u manage to remember all persons you meet?

@chatvan depends. there are days i meet 400 people (eg these days of touring the constituency). Can't possibly remember them all

@ShashiTharoor Funny but so true! But my mom is still able to make one hell of "mango rasayanam" with them :)

@banari mangoes avlbl in US shld be given another name -- tart, fibrous, flavorless & swollen, they have nothing in common w "real" mangoes!

@ShashiTharoor I have always wanted to ask u abt the secrets of a misleading age you have. Pls tell us all ur anti-ageing receipe. :)

@jawaharmohan combination of chronic workaholism and an irrepressible zest for life. The 2 fight each other to a standstill & keep me going

@ShashiTharoor Sir, Isn't it cYstoscopy and not cisto? Am a health worker not a spelling Nazi! Btw is Ishaan not a vegetarian?

@sandersvs @IshaanTharoor thinks a meal without meat or fish isn't a meal. His twin @KanishkTharoor &I are vegetarian. Freedom of digestion!

@ShashiTharoor sir, let me ask a different Q, if you are asked either to sing or to play cricket, which one will u prefer???

@agnishwarbasu if in the shower, sing; elsewhere, play cricket!

@ShashiTharoor Sir just curious...Are Ishaan and Kanishk Indian citizens? If they are not kindly do not reply here. Mt'BIncorrectPolitically

@sandersvs of course my sons are Indian citizens. And proud of it.


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Anonymous Maya said...

ha ha ha........Madness about Rajnikanth is better than this. You are just blind about such a hippocrat. I feel really sorry for you. You should have worked for Malayala Manorama. Headlines like "Oommen Chandy had black tea in the morning" and likes.

I hope all the 370000 followers in twitter are not like you.

October 28, 2009 2:17 PM  
Blogger Brijesh Nair said...


October 28, 2009 3:39 PM  
Blogger Kuttyedathi said...

100 % agree with Maya. Brijesh, I guess this is the second time you are blogging Tharoor's tweets. What is outstanding about any of his answers. If you give this same set of questions to our Asin, she will give much fabulous answers than this.

You can find 1000 tweeples, who use twitter, better than Tharoor. He is an educated man, has lot of experience, and i do respect him for that. But please dont make him a Human God...

October 29, 2009 7:05 AM  
Blogger Brijesh Nair said...

Got ur point. Will keep this in mind. Thanks for this creative criticism.

October 29, 2009 7:52 AM  
Anonymous Chandrasekar SG said...

that was awesome compilation dude!! wow!!

October 29, 2009 8:06 AM  
Blogger SharoonThomas said...

Cool Compilation,

I dont know if any easier way exists to get to know a person than from his own tweets.

@Maya:i hope u read deshabhimani too.. u will find it worse.

@Kuttyedathi:considering an average malayali who wastes time with the serials in television, Brijesh your 'Madness' is highly appreciated.

I think this is just what any journalist does in an interview!
Thanks for the work anyway!

October 29, 2009 8:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out this great piece on Tharoor and his tweeting - on his Octgober 2 holiday views.

November 03, 2009 7:48 AM  

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