Friday, September 25, 2009

Kaun Benega "Goonda"pati?

See the videos below (in Malayalam). This was part of the political satire “Thiruva Ethirva” that is shown in Manorama TV. Here in this episode, the quiz master Pinarayi Vijayan is asking questions about the latest hot topic in Kerala – “Goondas” – to the other politicians. The quiz master has an answer in mind and if the contestant says that answer he gets the money. It is so hilarious. The best part of the program are the questions to the audience. Don’t miss those. I assure you if you can understand Malayalam you will enjoy this.

Thanks Jayamohan Nair and Manorama TV for this hilarious program

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Blogger Dr. Unnikrishnan. T said...

Good editting work by Manorama channel. cheers....

all political parties to take this in right spirit as this is a satire programme..

December 05, 2009 1:56 AM  

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