Saturday, September 12, 2009

Do We Have Rights to Complain?

I have written about this so many times. If you ever been to US, the very first thing you notice is that more than 95% of the people follow the laws of the land to the core. But what about us? We always either consciously break the law or give scant respect to the existing laws. A common example I always take to explain how the people in US obeys law – City of Tempe where I studied for my post graduation in Arizona, a law was enacted that you are not supposed to smoke inside a bar. If you need to smoke you have to go out of the bar to the designated smoking area to smoke. I have seen people who are fully drunk obeying this law without any objection. Just imagine what the outcome will be in India if this law is implemented? No prize for guessing the answer.

Now we blame the government and others for all our ills. But do we have right to complain? Are the ills in our society is the direct result of some of us not obeying the law at some point of time?

See some of the stuffs lot of us do knowing well that we are breaking law and its consequences.

Dumping waste in the drains and in the road. We do that often. Now when the rain comes that clogs the drains and road. Now the same people who dumped the waste will complain – during rain the road near my house is flooding. Never ever they will look back to understand the reason for flooding.

Not obeying traffic laws – daily all of us do it. The main culprit is over speed. Now we start complaining when an accident occurs forgetting that most of it occurs due to disobeying of traffic rules.

Making roads dirty – we always complain that our roads are dirty. But what do we do daily? Don’t we contribute daily to make our roads dirty? Don’t we spit on the roads and do things like that? If we did that do we have the right to complain?

Doing things out of the way – if we want to do some thing out of the way, lots of us are ready to influence higher ups or ready to pay bribe. After giving bribe we complain about corruption. If there is no one willing to give bribery then the concept of corruption itself never exists. The corruption is widespread because we the common people are willing to give bribes.

We complain that lot of influential people evade tax. But don’t we buy stuff without bill when the shop owner is ready to give it for a lower price. Gold is a classic example. Lot of times people buy gold from the shop without a receipt so that they can evade sales tax. If we ever did that do we have the right to complain about people evading taxes as we are one among them?

The list can go on and on. There is a proverb in my mother tongue Malayalam – Atiyam Swayam Nannavuka; Pinne Nadu Nannakukka (first reform yourself before you try to reform the society). If all of us understand the meaning of this proverb then we won’t have anything to complain.

When you feel like complaining, stand in front of a mirror and do it. You may see the culprit responsible for your complaint.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Surprised that the usual Brijesh bashers didn't show up to comment on this one.. Probably because there is a consensus that its one one of the few relevant posts Brijesh has written.. :). Good one, Brijesh!! :)..


September 12, 2009 5:08 PM  
Blogger opsudrania said...

Firstly, Brijesh, catch my humour. You have no right to ask a question like that in the largest "Democracy" in world in the true sense. If I do not have my right to complain, "You are infringing on my basic human rights". None of your business.

Secondly, "Chalta Hai, Yaar. Don't take it seriously. We have an answer to everything, cunningly."

So rest yourself peaceful. They say, conventions die hard. Are you not dealing with that calcitrant disease, think.

God bless. A good job, carry on.

September 23, 2009 6:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never been to the US but I have travelled to many European and East Asian countries. I don't believe they follow the law and civil rules more than we do because they are "better" people somehow. I believe it is because their law enforcement is more stringent.

Does the Indian legislature or Home Ministry do at least a back of the envelope calculation of the budget required for enforcement when they pass a new law? If they do , then great. I honestly don't know.

- a twitter follower

September 24, 2009 7:36 AM  

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