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Superstar Rajinikanth - The Style King!!!

This post is written by my friend and guest blogger Mani Ramanathan. This is a collection of various styles of “Style King of Indian Movie” - the one and only Thalaivar - Superstar Rajnikanth. Rajnikanth needs no introduction to people of India especially South Indians. Hope every one enjoys this collection of “Styles” of Superstar Rajnikanth.
See the song below.This is a lovely song for two reasons. One is Ilayaraja's mellifluous tune and more importantly the other is Rajnikanth's mesmerizing screen presence in this simple love song. All Superstar Rajnikanth does here is nothing but walks stylishly, smiles gracefully and emotes subtly. But the pervasive stylishness he brings on the screen gives an all new magical touch to this song. Love is usually expressed through eyes. But Thalaivar does it here in his own way through his magnetic smiles and stylish body language. The gracious fusion of his style and expression peaks at 4:10 in the song.
This is arguably one of the most powerful scenes in Superstar Rajnikanth's long illustrious career. Had anyone else in the industry done this scene, it could have been utter comical. It is Thalaivar's power and charm that makes this scene not only adrenaline-pumping but more importantly believable also. Don't fail to notice his trademark swiftness and an inimitable stylishness in his expression while delivering the most famous tamil film dialogue "Naan oru thadava sonna, nooru thadava sonna maathiri".
Rajnikanth’s appearance in this song deserves a special award for the most stylishly made-up on-screen character ever in the history of tamil cinema! It is no exaggeration to say that this single five-minute motion picture significantly increased the sales of coolers in Tamil Nadu in late 80s. Lots of his fans burnt their life savings in trying to imitate thalaivar's hair style in this movie. I still remember how the theater where I was watching this movie in, turned madly cacophonous every time Thalaivar moved his hair in air in this song.
For some people, reflex never dies. For others, humbleness never dies. For our superstar, his style never dies. When director K. Balachandar saw a charismatic, fiery and stylish young man in a bus conductor and his stylish throw-a-cigarette-in-air-and-catch-it-by-mouth mannerism, he got impressed and introduced him to Tamil cinema. 25 years later, He does the style with even more punch and elegance. When geniuses are challenged more, they perform better. Our thalaivar here brings out one of his most stylish and most memorable performances as he is challenged by brilliant Ramya Krishnan and a clever script by ever reliable K.S. Ravikumar.
The latest entertainment bonanza from the superstar is Sivaji - The Boss. He shaved his head for this movie for the first time in his career. None could have carried this 'motta' boss character more stylishly than our own boss. The way he drum-beats his shaved head and the way he moves his shade around his head back and forth in this scene is a pure fun to watch!
This movie is an interesting fantasy genre, exploiting the dynamics of gender-based power struggles in a clever way to suit the image, style and power of Rajni. How our ultra-cool, sophisticated and snazzy Superstar faces off with immensely powerful, arrogant and equally beautiful Vijaya Shanthi is a terrific entertainer. This scene in the movie is particularly a strong example of why thalaivar is hailed as the style king. The way he delivers the dialogue in english with his trademark style and punch only increases the odds to this style king's favor.
Rajnikanth acted in this movie during the early days of his career as a sadistic husband. His character in the movie became one of the rarely liked villains during the time when people were literally living the reel life in the movie theaters. The elegant Rajnikanth gave a new dimension to this uncomplicated negative role through his unique style and sophistication under the guidance of his guru K. Balachandar.
This movie is a delightful experimentation in exploiting the power of Rajni magic in a never-before and hitherto unexplored way. Rajni as a panchayat Thalaivar, comes in a simple and unassuming costume of Veshti and Sattai throughout the movie. The following clip shows the introduction of Thalaivar in the movie and gives you a glimpse of the style element he brings to this otherwise rustic as well as rusty role.
This movie is one of the all-time classics in tamil where the current titans of tamil movie world - Rajni and Kamal - shared the screen space during their early days. Rajni as Parattai gave a knock-out performance in this small role and made it a cult character. Watch out an evil sarcasm, boisterous laughter and a touch of his unique style packed together in his delivering the dialogue "Ithu eppadi irukku?" The dialogue not only became hugely popular among the little kids then but also served, without any doubt, as a springboard for him to become a superstar that he is today!
This movie is another feather to his style cap. This tiny clip gives you a teasing peep into what'd be to watch this movie. It is an ecstatic ride with a magical Rajnikanth.
Eagerly waiting for Thalaivar’s next release Endhiran.

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Blogger scorpiogenius said...

great compilation!

PADAYAPPA scene has been my all-time favourite..

August 16, 2009 2:25 PM  
Blogger Raghu Sharma said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

August 17, 2009 8:48 AM  
Blogger Raghu Sharma said...

Good work ! I think, the Basha scene just worked like any other International scene would do. I wanted a 'must-mention' of 'Muthu' here, not only because it reached the international arena(like japan), it also marked the line of citation in the dictionary of heroism. Otherwise i completely agree with the list and certainly, Padayappa scene has also been my favorite. But I would pick Avargal first, then 16 vayadhinile, and then ilamai oonjalaadikirathu - especially the scene -

I still believe a lot of other performances other than his heroism is yet to come into the list.

August 17, 2009 8:49 AM  
Anonymous Deepak Rajanikanth said...

Super Blog! U made my day.. Really loved all the fact compilation.

August 23, 2009 5:51 PM  
Blogger gunamj said...

Thaaru Maaru !!!

Innum Maana vaariyaa irukku. Thalaivar styles. :)

You made my day. Thalaivar is always the best.

Six ku Appram seven daa... Thalaivarukku appram Evandaa...

He is the Real Mass with So much of humbleness with him even at this stage.


August 24, 2010 9:51 PM  
Blogger Jijo V.G said...

Completly in to new domain.........Great....

September 30, 2010 10:23 PM  

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