Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Seeing These Videos Make You Say “WOW”

Here is a collection of few magnificent videos. I am sure any one seeing this will love all of them. I am planning to update this page twice every month with some spectacular videos out there in YouTube.

It is always fabulous to see how the living beings adapt to their living conditions. Here is a video taken in the Amazon jungle, where an ant colony is protecting its queen when a flood hits them. Watch this to believe it.

Can a group of people use their hands to simulate the sound of rain and thunder? Yes it is possible. See this fantastic video.

Here is a video that depicts the importance and greatness of India as a nation through a dance performed by a group of young people for a reality show. This Prince Dance Group comprises of 13 daily wage laborers from Orissa, ages from 15-37 years, who have shown the real hidden talent of India. I am sure you will enjoy this performance as much as I enjoyed it.

For how many years have you been driving your car? Still did you prefect the art of parallel parking? Here is a kid doing parallel parking with his toy car.

If you are from India this won’t amaze you at all. Here is a video of a typical intersection of any major road in India. Any American who sees this video will surely have a heart attack.

Will be back with more amazing videos in a fortnight.

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Blogger jpk said...

All these videos are awesome... "WOW"....

August 20, 2009 8:14 AM  

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