Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Glorified Drinking in Malayalam Movies

I wrote a blog post few days back about the untimely death of some great Malayalam movie personalities like Bharathan, Padmarajan, Lohithadas, Narendra Prasad, Murali, and Rajan P Dev. The reasons I have pointed for their premature death was excessive drinking and smoking and lack of proper exercise. Now this post is about how drinking is being portrayed in Malayalam movies of recent past.

Earlier in most of the movies drinking was a bad thing and only the villain drinks. Always the characters who drink, were shown in bad light. But now things have changed in Malayalam movies. Drinking is being glorified in most of the movies. It is shown in the same vein as drinking a glass of water.

There are some movies in Malayalam where the main character “drinks, breathes and eats” alcohol. Take for example the super hit movie of Mohanlal “Hello”. From the scene Mohanlal is introduced to the end of the movie Mohanlal is seen drinking. His character needs alcohol to do each and everything in this movie. See the introduction of Mohanlal in this movie. He is fully drunk and fights with three partners of a alcohol shop.

Now imagine a scene. A guy, fully drunk is going to a girl’s house for the function of seeing the girl. This guy on reaching the girl’s house finds that the girl’s father is fully drunk and they have met previously in various bars. Both are very happy and girl’s father decides to marry off the girl to this guy. This doesn’t seem funny but this is a scene from Mohanlal starrer “Chotta Mumbai”. Such a scene even in the name of comedy was unimaginable few years back but this shows the changing taste of Keralites who have accepted alcohol as part and parcel of their life. If you have not seen that scene here it is.

Malayalam may be the only language in which a movie was named based on the brand of an alcohol drink. The hero of the movie (Mammotty) likes the Johnny Walker brand and hence the name of the movie is Johnny Walker. In this movie Mammotty fights against drugs, drinking Johnny Walker in each scene – trying to spread the message against the usage of drugs. So what does the message such movies leave on common man? Drugs are bad while alcohol isn't!

Movies of the last few couple of decades have played a great role in making Kerala reach the top among the Indian states as the highest per capita consumer of alcohol in India. The movie stars, the young people adore, do heroic stuff after consuming alcohol and this makes these youngsters believe that drinking alcohol is the order of the day. The end result – more and more youngsters are attracted to alcoholism.

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Blogger scorpiogenius said...

The makers of the movies themselves are product of this rot that they're trying to spread it to all sections of society. As if Malayalees want a motivation to drink!

People like Mohanlal and Mammooty could at least think about what message they're giving to the society by glorifying acts like alcoholism, womanising and the likes. Kashtam...

August 13, 2009 12:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about no.20 madras mail which was made more than a decade ago ? also padmarajan, bharathan et.. doe not belong to present age cinema.

August 13, 2009 8:55 AM  
Anonymous Abhilash Pillai said...

I think this is a wrong singnal by movie makers to the youth.

They should not encourage it.

August 13, 2009 6:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One think we should realize cinema is a form of entertainment everything that is depicted should not be incorporated in real life. If certain souls lack the intelligence to understand that there is no use of such peoples existence. If u say all the wrong things should not be shown in cinema then there much left in a film ..every cinema would have the same story. Imagine a film with no fight, no negative actions , no negative habits,no negative dialogues or even no negative character or villain .Just because a particular film is based on a controversial subject it doesnt mean its true..they are just asserting a possibility..take for the instance da vinci code . Its mostly uneducated people below poverty line or the unskilled labours who emulate the way of drinkin shown in alcohol glorified films. It is these people and some jobless youths on streets who drink and harass women and people on the streets. Atleast people in west has more class than us as they can afford it and they dont over consume the thing and go on harassing people .ok man be few them do but not to the extent in our country. The attitude of the aforementioned people are like if the rich drinks why cant we. In the process they dont care they whether they can afford it . They get 500 rs a day and most of it is spent on alcohol ,leavin nothing for the family and finally the drunk husband comes home and beats up the wife and children who might have had nothing to eat much

October 11, 2009 3:36 AM  
Anonymous Rajiv said...

Join my community 'Teetotaller Malayalees' on Orkut to spread the word that 'Drinking is not cool'.

February 24, 2010 2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well real men will drink irrespective of movies and other stuff. I dont see anythign wrong in having few drinks once a week. So stop judging that drinking is a bane since its just ur opinion and its totally wrong.

April 07, 2010 12:50 PM  
Anonymous Rajiv said...

For those who can't see the ills of drinking, I feel pity. What do you gain by losing your senses anyway?

Another example of Malayalam films glorified drinking is a scene from the film Nasrani. A top advocate, a top Police officer, a big hotelier and a couple of other prominent personalities of Kottayam town are shown having a drink making us feel that this is an activity enjoyed by the elite class. Inspiring the middle class and lower middle class to be in the same league by drinking!

Compare this with a Hindi movie like Sharaabi, in which the clear message is that the hero had got addicted to alcohol as he was devoid of love at home.

I feel it is very evident from the Malayalam movies that they have highly glorified drinking and knowingly or unknowingly Malayalees have followed it.

April 07, 2010 5:24 PM  

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