Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When You are Hungry......

I always make it a point never to waste any food. Now after seeing this heart breaking video even if I want to waste any food, I will never do it. In February 2006, at the 56th Berlin International Film Festival, Filmmakers were invited to join a Short Film Competition on the Theme: FOOD, TASTE and HUNGER. Three thousand six hundred filmmakers from around the world, joined the competition, but only 32 films were chosen to be screened at the Berlinale Talent Campus. This film named "Chicken la Carte" topped the competition by being adjudged the Most Popular Short Film.This film based on a true story was directed by Ferdnand Dimadura and was shot in Philippines. I was shell shocked for few minutes after seeing this one. Videos like this shows us again and again how blessed we are.

So next time when you think about wasting food remember those kids you see in the video and you will never waste any food! GOD help those children. How long can we ignore these voices of hunger?

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