Thursday, July 23, 2009

Constructing 20 kms of Road A Day - A Great Plan by Kamal Nath

The Indian Union Surface Transport Minister Kamal Nath has the most ambitious plan among all the Union Ministers - construct 20 kms of new roads a day for the next five years. In another words construct 7000 kms of road every year. A very ambitious plan, but if this materializes, it will change the face of our country, India.

Kamal Nath did a great job as the Commerce Minister in previous UPA Government. If Kamal Nath could repeat his performance in Surface Transport Ministry, India will be one step closer to becoming a developed country with well connected, modern and extensive road network.

Best of Luck Mr Kamal Nath. Make it Happen!

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Blogger thiru said...

I believe Kamal Nath walks the talk. His speech is ambitious, but we know how the indian bureaucracy works!!! And co-ordination is another things..If you go and ask a state to pay for these thats not going to happen.. There need to be national level consensus on what % of fund comes from state and federal..I don't know why it is so complicated...Such things we should learn from US..

July 24, 2009 5:52 AM  

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