Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Interviews/Speeches of Dr Shashi Tharoor

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Dr Shashi Tharoor in an interview with Australian Network TV
Dr Shashi Tharoor being interviewed in Asianet by Gopakumar for the program “On Record”. Second Part of the interview was telecasted on July 24th. See below the second part of the interview.
First part of "On Record" was telecasted on July 17th. See below the first part of the interview.


Dr Shashi Tharoor talking with Anuradha Sen Gupta for the program "Beautiful People" aired in CNBC on 15th of April 2011.
Here is the speech given by Dr Shashi Tharoor in Symbiosis International University during their 6th Convocation. As usual a very inspiring one.
Here is an interview Minister of State for External Affairs Dr Shashi Tharoor had with Vir Sanghvi for the program "Off the Record" that was aired on CNBC on April 1st. Dr Tharoor talks about his ministry, his tweeting, his experiences as a politician, controversies and much more. Nice one.

Here is an interview of Minister of State for External Affairs Dr Shashi Tharoor that came in CNBC for the program "Beautiful People". One of the very good interviews of Dr Shashi Tharoor I have ever seen.

In the first part Dr Tharoor talks about why he won't be writing a book soon about his election experiences. Dr Tharoor also expresses his amusement about the victory margin. Dr Tharoor explains how he is humbled by the victory margin and the responsibilites that come with it.
In the second part of the interview, the interviewer is trying to unfold the story of how Dr Tharoor became a candidate of Congress party from Trivandrum. Even though he doesn't give a clear answer he gives glimpses of the process that happened, that made him the Congress candidate from Trivandrum.
In the third part Dr Tharoor talks about his development priorities for his constituency, Trivandrum. Dr Tharoor also throws some light into his fight for UN Secretary General three years back. Also Dr Tharoor talks about his reasoning for joining Congress Party.
Wishing Dr Shashi Tharoor all the best as the External Affairs Minister and a MP from Trivandrum.

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Blogger Amrita said...

Thanks for this I am his unabashed admirer

June 03, 2009 4:42 AM  
Blogger dotcompals said...

Mr.Tharoor is the most misunderstood politician ever in india. Reasons for that include (lack of ) education in india,other politicians jealousy towards Mr.Tharoor and the tendency of indian media to sensationalize each and everything he says.

April 03, 2010 10:07 AM  
Anonymous Vineeth Jose said...

Thankyou for sharing this, coudnt watch the whole thing on TV!

Vir is a great journo, clean without any propaganda behind him, atleast i belive so, so is Tharoor, admire him as a person.

April 05, 2010 8:10 AM  

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