Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy 91st Birthday Wishes to Leader K Karunakaran

The Congress leader and former Kerala Chief Minister K Karunakaran is celebrating his 91st birthday today. He is the senior most leader in the Congress party today and I wish this nonagenarian political stalwart from my home state of Kerala a very happy birthday.

Leader K Karunakaran is the politician I admire and respect most in Indian politics. The reason – his ability to make things done. Nowadays we hear about lot of developmental projects like Smart City or Skybus but nothing gets actually implemented. Leader K Karunakaran had the vision for Kerala and more important had a God given ability to implement them. Nedumbassery Airport with people's participation, Kayakulam Thermal Power Plant, Technopark in Trivandrum, Guruvayoor Rail Line to name few of the developmental activities initiated when Karunakaran was the Chief Minister.

He had the vision to see that Information Technology was going to be the “buzz” word in the next century (as early in 1991) and he took steps to start Technopark, immediately after Roa - Manmohan Singh opened up the Indian economy. This was much before Chandrababu Naidu, the then CM of Andrapradesh even thought of Hi-Tech City. The then opposition LDF tried hard to stall the creation of Technopark but the will power of Leader prevailed. For those who thought that acquiring land is a big problem in Kerala he was able to acquire around 300 acres of land in Trivandrum for Technopark. It is ironical that once Technopark became a reality the LDF took credit for it.

We always hear that people are not willing to invest in Kerala due to the militant trade unionism prevailing in the state. Even when that image about Kerala was widespread Leader was able to envision and more important implement the building of an international airport in Nedumbassery with participation of people especially by making Non Resident Indians invest in this project.

Another quality I like in him – although he became an undisputed leader of the Congress party in the eighties and early nineties he never lost contact with the common party workers whom he always considered his strength to move forward. His capabilities to go to any extend to defend and protect the party workers and officials loyal to him have brought him many friends as well as enemies.

As Leader K KARUNAKARAN celebrates his 91st birthday, let us all join together to wish him a great 91st birthday and pray to almighty God to give him continuing good health.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

as far as I am concerned, KK is an a$$hole and a corrupt, brutal trade union leader who basically looted as much as he could in his prime.
sad part though is the fact that the people of our state will think of him for at least another generation or two because of his equally corrupt and dishonest kids.

July 17, 2009 1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

do a little bit more research into his past -- he has killed more people than you would imagine.

July 17, 2009 2:00 PM  

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