Friday, June 05, 2009

Comedy or Tragedy – You May Decide

Often you get a lot of forwards and emails from your friends in the name of comedy/fun that really test your patience. We may all think how the creators of these emails have so much time at their disposal to think about this and create such an email. I used to get a lot of them and the other day I got such an email from one of my friend in which he had mentioned that it was he who wrote those ones. There are thousands like this going around in the internet and the feeling I had after reading these cannot be explained in words.

Here are few of them. Once you read these you will understand the feeling I went through.

-- Lipstick sticks to lip but drumstick does not stick to drum!

-- Daylight is the light of day but Limelight is not the light of lime!

-- Grasshopper hops over grass but clodhopper does not hop over clod!

-- Underpart is usually found under but counterpart is not found in a counter!

-- In a vineyard, you can find vines but court is not found in a courtyard!

-- Weathercock moves in the direction of weather but shuttlecock does not move in the direction of shuttle!

-- Twosome means two but handsome does not mean hand!

-- Greenwood is in green but rosewood in not in rose!

-- You pluck hazelnut from hazel, but you cannot pluck chestnut from chest!

-- An eyeglass could be on an eye; but a sunglass could not be on the sun!

-- Goldsmith works with gold and locksmith works with lock, but will smith does not work with will!

My friend didn’t stop there. In another email he sends this one. This time he didn’t claim that he wrote this one. So someone somewhere has created this one and is going around in the internet.

Other than being fruits, what is common between an Apple and an Orange?





try, try, try



the answer is ..........

They Both Are Not Banana !!

I showed this to one of my colleagues and it took more than 30 minutes for him to come out of the shock. I wish the people who create these “PJ’s” use their energy for creative efforts.


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