Sunday, April 26, 2009

Srilankan Tamil Civilians Caught in War – Show Some Mercy to Them

The photo published below in The New York Times sums up the plight of the Sri Lankan Tamils caught up in the war between Sri Lankan government and LTTE.

I happened to see a few videos in Al-Jazeera TV about the civilians caught in the no-fire zone. There are footages in which dead and injured lie in the same place; women, children and old people with multiple injuries and blood oozing out with no one to help; a supposedly overcrowded hospital with patients who don’t have any anesthetics or antibiotics or any blood for the patients. The people are coming out in hundreds from the no fire zone and it is posing a huge challenge for the world to provide the basic needs to such a huge number of people. I have never seen even animals being treated like this. See this video to really understand the ground situation in Sri Lanka. THIS IS A VERY GROSS VIDEO. If you are light hearted please don’t watch it.

Another video from Al-Jazeera TV. This also shows the footage released by some pro Tamil news media that shows the sufferings and hardships of the people in the no fire zone. Can these people especially the kids who have gone through this trauma ever get a normal life?

Here is another video of Sri Lankan army intercepting a boat with Tamilians and bringing them to a camp. The way the Tamilians in the boat request for food will break the conscience of any one who sees that.

I believe the Sri Lankan government led by Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the name of destroying the terrorist organization LTTE and V Prabhakaran and LTTE in the name of getting more right to the Tamilians in North Sri Lanka has achieved only one thing – give immense sufferings and to the civilians out there and it may take years and years for the common man there to come out of this mental and physical distress they are undergoing right now. As the proverb says “it is easy to destroy but difficult to build”. Let us hope the destruction seen by the Tamil civilians are going to end soon and the difficult process of building up their community from scratch will start soon. 

Let the entire world rise to this occasion to support the civilians of North Sri Lanka with the essential supplies like food, medicine, clothes and providing support to build shelters and I believe that India who has always been the champion of Tamil cause in Sri Lanka can take the lead in this effort. 

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Blogger jpk said...

This is a really bad situation in srilanka and one feels pity for the poor tamil population who are unfortunately caught in between the terrorists and the srilankan government. There is nothing much India or the rest of the world can do on this because the srilankan government reached from which they cannot stop the war anymore without finishing off the terrorists. Hope the srilankan tamils gets their due status in srilanka for what they have faced. Hope the children of those who suffer now may live peacefully in SriLanka and the sacrifices of the tamil population there will be remembered by the world for a long time to come. My prayers are with the poor tamil population there. This once again proves that war is not a solution for anything. I only sincerely hope that Prabhakaran is brought to justice finally at the end of this and he also be held responsible for the death and suffering of the tamil population in srilanka during this war.

April 27, 2009 8:52 AM  
Blogger Sudeep said...

lanka declares war
children die
and mothers.

* * *

looking for
the state
took arms

what followed
was one
bloody nonsense war.

* * *

April 28, 2009 6:28 PM  

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