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Political Gimmicks by Tamil Nadu Political Leaders – Part 1: Gimmicks of Karunanidhi

This blog is written by my friend and fellow blogger Mani Ramanathan and is first in the series of four he will be writing on the double standards of the political leaders from his home state of Tamil Nadu. This series kick starts with analyzing one of the oldest practicing politicians in India – Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi. 

Visiting the constituency once in an election time; or raising a voice over an issue in assembly once in their life time; or uttering a beautiful fairy tale as their election agenda and invariably ending up writing a pathetic script after assuming the power; or forming an alliance with another party that shares no common agenda except capturing power; or doing anything that is corrupt, dishonest, cheating, hypocritical and disgusting to our wildest imaginations - none of the these are never ever new or unfamiliar to the politicians in India. 

But what has been happening for the past few months in the political arena of Tamilnadu is shocking to say the least! The standard of politics has hit an all-time low. Let us see how the leaders of four major political parties of Tamil Nadu have recently turned virtually immeasurable on the fair scale of political ethics and standards.

Dr. 'Kalaingar' Karunanidhi is one of the senior most leaders with an awe-inspiring experience of close to 75 years in politics. He recently gave away a color TV - yeah, you read that right - to the poor citizens of Tamil Nadu. It is understandable as he always claims that he immensely believes in a poor person's happiness. But what followed his scheme was how amazingly his government struggled to provide adequate - not even twelve hours a day - electricity to the households of Tamil Nadu. I just wonder if those poor people got to ever see the colors in their TV at all. 

Karunanidhi came up with another fairy-tale scheme of providing rice to the poor subsidized at just one rupee! He was very proud of this scheme as he could repeat the feat of erstwhile chief minister and his political mentor Mr. Annadurai who also rationed rice to the poor for one rupee four decades back! Simple economic theory would tell us one rupee 40 years back is worth eight rupees today while one rupee today is only worth ten paise forty years back! The scheme basically gives away rice for free! I am sure the only bottleneck those poor would have unfortunately ever faced in cooking the free rice is to find an affordable way to cook it! 

His political pyrotechnics does not end there. The highly dramatic ousting of his grand nephew and then a cabinet minister Mr. Dhayanidhi Maran from his party and cutting of all the ties with him and his elder brother due to some political differences was famously enacted only to bring the Maran brothers back into the party as well as the family in a matter of few months. Now Mr. Maran is a DMK candidate in one of the three constituencies in Chennai for the forthcoming Loksabha election. 

Historically, Karunanidhi has neither done anything significant for the cause of Sri Lankan Tamils nor maintained any healthy relationship with LTTE head Prabhakaran. He even famously fired Vaiko - now the head of MDMK - from DMK a decade ago accusing him of conspiring to kill him with the help of Prabhakaran. 

As the on-going crisis of Tamils in Sri Lanka deepens and all the major parties of TN make a big propaganda of claiming their support for Sri Lankan Tamils, Karunanidhi sniffed an anti-DMK wave due to their alliance with Congress, which is accused of not supporting the Tamil cause in Sri Lanka. He got so desperate that he went on claiming Prabhakaran his close friend and LTTE not a terrorist organization, only to deny his claims the very next day as he realized the overtone of his statement and the controversy it created. As this move fired back, he got more desperate and went on calling a public strike for the cause of Srilankan Tamils. As he was still not sure of effectiveness of his moves, he went on an impromptu fasting and only to end it in the next six hours claiming that he got reliable information from Colombo that Sri Lankan government had announced a ceasefire. Later Sri Lankan officials denied the reports of ceasefire and clarified they have only stopped the use of heavy armories while DMK party leader was so emphatic about his personal triumph in helping the cause of Srilankan Tamils! 

How one can ever get more desperate or become more dishonest or turn disgustingly more political to capture the power? Absurdity has not got just multiplied but exponentiated in his 75-year long political career. I am sure we have not seen the end of dramas enacted by Kalingar and more are expected as election date comes closer. 

Next in this series – PMK founder and leader Dr Ramdoss.

Predict the winners from all the 40 Lok sabha seats in Tamil Nadu

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

done by all politicians in india. not just that sense th most principled (ie least deviation) must be communist parties.

April 30, 2009 8:28 AM  
Blogger scorpiogenius said...

Im not surprised buddy..

This is Indian politics, and TN is in India!

April 30, 2009 9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I seriously think its time for the old man to retire. He has become senile and cynical to the level, he is using people suffering in Srilanka to actually stay in power. He and his family have amassed wealth beyond comprehension. I hope they quit politics to save TN from the plight.

April 30, 2009 4:53 PM  
Anonymous thiru said...

You forgot to mention that the net result of the Maran family fued was origination of a new channel (kalaignar TV) and the death of 3 people of in Dinakaran office set ablaze!!!

Another drama was a government taking over the cable connection distribution which again ended up within their family...

I think one of solutions to such crap is to pass a law that would restrict politicians from holding post beyond the age of 80 like they have a minimum age...


April 30, 2009 5:34 PM  
Blogger Karthikeyan said...

I am sure we could come up with volumes about what our politicians do to come to, and hold on to, power. As someone earlier said - its an All Indian Phenomenon.

But, the more important point we need to worry about is the over all decline in quality of TN's Political Leadership. In my mind one of the most important reason for this are these political dynasties. You cannot reasonably expect to join politics and work your way up. Neither Stalin nor Azhagiri deserve anything but a free shower of shoes and chappals.

The sad part of the story is because politics has become so crime ridden, thuggish and dynastical, the chances of new, dynamic, smart young faces (No, I am not talking about Lok Paritran types who start a party 6 months before the election and disappear 6 months after the elections) don't have a chance of coming to top even after years of being in politics.

Given the choice between DMK (criminal Family), AIADMK (Tempermental Dictator), PMK (Casteist Idiots), MDMK (Do they even matter - other than his friendship with Prabhakaran), Congress - lame, BJP - they don't stand a chance for atleast 2 more decades and DMDK (new horse) we don't have much to choose from. Every election is a season of Pot calling Kettle black.

As for Thiru's point of new laws for age. Isn't that like expecting the politicians to regulate themselves, much like what happened in Wall St where Banks were expected to regulate themselves. We all know where that went ;).

April 30, 2009 10:10 PM  
Anonymous Ramesh said...

Hindu-haters (read Brahmin haters) have no use for facts and figures. Nor do they care to produce facts and figures in support of whatever comes out of their pea-sized brains. These morons would have come across scores of people in their lives. Through their miserable eyes they would have seen events unfolding every minute. They don’t want to believe what they have seen or heard. They have no interest in their own experiences of dealing with other humans. That, constitution, courts, police, law-enforcement machinery, etc exist is irrelevant to them. But what they are extremely interested in is something called “manusmriti” compiled in some unknown century. They will go on, and on and on about manu’s prescription on various issues, in particular about the necessity “to pour molten lead or oil into the ears” of some xxx person, if he had overheard the “Vedas” being recited. Not even for a minute will these morons think whether it has ever been done in the past one thousand years. They would not pause to even think whether they had ever witnessed a “molten lead pouring” incident in the fifty-sixty years of their lives, nor would they have asked anyone whether they in turn had witnessed such an incident.

Now, let us seriously consider whether it is at all possible to indulge in a “molten lead pouring” activity.

Is lead so cheap and can it be melted so easily? Are all “vedapathashalas” keeping a furnace burning perpetually to keep lead in a perpetual state of liquid form? And, how much lead can be poured into a person’s ears?

But the beauty of the whole thing is that it requires a “King” to order “molten lead or oil or some other chemical” to be poured into the ears of some xxx person. For that, first we would have to appoint a King who in turn will have to appoint lakhs of people to keep track of all those supposedly not entitled to hear the “Vedas”. Appointing a King would necessarily require overthrowing the constitution, the elected governments and defeating the army and other security forces. Can all this be done? No. No. No.

There are several other important facts that we must consider. In several states, “vedapathashalas” based on reservation, admit students (for priestly jobs) who are allegedly not supposed to hear the “Vedas”. Have we heard that any attempt has even been made to pour “molten lead” into their ears? If we are believe these Hindu-hating morons and imbeciles, it would seem that the Govt is actually setting up a situation for conducting the “lead pouring” activity!!! Certainly, such an activity would be an act of unparalleled cruelty!!!

The other fact is that many “pundits” openly through the medium of television not only chant the “Vedas” but also explain their meanings. Their preachings/tutorials are available to the people at large. Does this activity not contradict “manu’s” alleged prescription?

Another fact is, in most temples all human beings are allowed entry. They not only witness the rituals but also get to hear the “mantras/slokas” being chanted by the priests and others who know them. Have we heard or seen the “lead pouring activity” take place. Has anyone even suggested such a thing? The answer is an emphatic NO.

But all such evidences are useless for the Hindu-haters.

That is why we must necessarily conclude that those who quote the “molten lead must be poured” stuff are either mentally-retarded morons or suffering from dangerous levels of malice and self-cultivated hatred.

May 02, 2009 8:28 AM  

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